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Discussion in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' started by Marinjuana, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Hey dudes! Everybody's favorite amphibious acrobats are finally here and they're ready to shell shock the competition! Whether you are using the Leonardo with his katanas, Michaelangelo and his nunchakus, Raphael with the sais or Donatello with his bo Staff, you are sure to be in for a radical time. Use this thread to discuss all of the things Ninja Turtle related that you couldn't in another thread. Don't be shy, come out of your half-shell and let us know how you like these Ninja Turtles. (Or Hero Turtles if you are into that sort of thing.)

    Let's get some mondo tubuloso tunes to start us off!

    PS: Mikey is the best Turtle!
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  2. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    So the Turtles work sort of like variations where they each share normals and specials. Their inputs are mostly the same even with different moves. I'll list off the unique and standard stuff. Basically anytime that they use their weapons the moves will be different. They will use the same tools a bit differently so keep that in mind.


    *Brackets mean that only that part of string is unique

    B123 (Leo/Raph)
    B22 (Donnie/Mikey)
    B223 (Donnie/Mikey)
    B23 (Leo/Raph)
    Super Move startup

    Let me know if there's anything else I missed.
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  3. YoungTeezy 305

    YoungTeezy 305 Work Hard Play Hard

    Here are some combos with Mikey and Leo

  4. Sugarwatermixlegit

    Sugarwatermixlegit These are $500 shoes!

    I will be playing no other character. I literally cannot wait for the day to be over so I can lab.
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  5. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    I love that (21~Kickflip, 13) ender. Swag as hell and gives great oki.
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  6. sm0kn b0wls

    Premium Supporter

    How do you select the different turtles?
  7. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    You select them using your loadouts, the weapon that's equipped in the unique item slot determines which turtle it is. You automatically get a weapon for each turtle, so just edit your loadouts. Unfortunately, you need to unlock the fourth loadout slot.
  8. YoungTeezy 305

    YoungTeezy 305 Work Hard Play Hard

    He feels like Kung Lao with the 2,1 ender, the quick hands, the wind will. I have to check if he can stagger like Lao
  9. Zatoichi

    Zatoichi Fabulous Goofball

    Hey, I'm having trouble downloading the Turtles on PS4. They're literally nowhere to be found, and I have the Ultimate edition, so I should have early access to them. :(
  10. Kokoko

    Kokoko Somehow

    Don't try to download them from the game. Close it, find DLC in PSstore, install and start the game.
  11. The Farmer

    The Farmer Gunslinger since pre ptch -Shout out 2 Youphs 2015

    I am itching so bad to play them. I will be 100 percent tmnt. I have new life in this game now. Probably my all time favorite DLC add.... FREE. I was absolutely obsessed with the Turtles growing up. I still have my sewer lair playset, Turtle Van, and cases of action figures at the farm.
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  12. portent

    portent Noob

    Waiting with baited breath for work to be over today. Not dropping every character I've learned, as I've put too much time into them and they're all fun, but TMNT will be my main now.
  13. Ramuans

    Ramuans Noob

    I just noticed that with Leonardo Raph trait is legit anti air, works even against CW and you can follow with b3 or just b1.
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  14. CmC_HAt

    CmC_HAt Noob

    someone knows if the TMNT are aviable for owers of ultimate edition or ultimate fighter pack on PC????
  15. GLB Phantom Fiction

    GLB Phantom Fiction Ravenous - Catwoman - Batman

    So I was messing around with Leo cancelling into Donatello trait. On block any character can armor, but most (if not all) can just walk forward or do an advancing string/special to make Donatello whiff if he cancels off any string except 11 or 21u3. For instance Atrocitus can do b23 or f12, Superman can do f23, I don’t play Swamp Thing or Grodd so I didn’t know their strings, but they could at least do that slide move or stampede respectively; Catwoman can do f112 or simply d2. It might not be that useful, but kind of interesting to completely shut down trait call on block even without meter.
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  16. Delorean82

    Delorean82 Noob

    Same here.

    After today I'll be dropping The Flash, Dr. Fate and Sub-Zero and will be solely focusing on the 4 Turtles.
    I'll gladly drop 3 mains to gain 4 more.
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  17. neveradestroyer

    neveradestroyer Tier hero... lowest tier amazing player.

    A character forum is needed for each individual turtle. So... the downplay and up-play specialists can do their shit-talk.:)
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  18. TotallyNotKotalKahn

    TotallyNotKotalKahn Low Tier Addict

    is there a turtle tier list yet? i assume its mikey leo donnie raph in that order.
  19. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    From best to worst is
    Mikey imo
  20. TrapGodFax

    TrapGodFax Noob

    does anyone know how to use different turtles in practice mode ?
  21. NeroOps

    NeroOps Death Before Dishonor

    You cant change them mid match only in character select mode when you choose your gear. Unless player 2 is another tmnt, you go to practice options, scroll down to p1 control player and switch it to player 2.
    Edit: You have to change turtles weapons in gear customization for different loadouts to switch between the turtles.
  22. Delorean82

    Delorean82 Noob

    For Tournaments it's looking like Raph may be the best option of the 4, due to his "hype" character power dealing out lots of damage.

    Personally, I prefer Mikey > Leo > Donnie > Raph.
  23. TrapGodFax

    TrapGodFax Noob

    thanks man setting the weapons in the gear menu helped me out
  24. gitblame

    gitblame Noob

    Donatello has nice anti air damage potential. D1 anti airs like Ermacs D4 :) Not mentioning DB2

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  25. trufenix


    If its like the other dlcs, it'll be next week for the ultimates. Two weeks for everybody.

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