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TMNT audio leaked! Playing as any of the turtles a possibility!?


Are you not entertained!?

We have another TMNT 'teaser' this time not coming from Ed Boon's Twitter. No, this came from the Injustice 2 PC community who found audio files for the TMNT voices in the game. Being computer savvy, they were able to extract those files and put them up online for our listening pleasure. It's in Portuguese, but the translation does tell us some interesting things about how they will work in-game.


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Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Some of those lines are just too hilarious.

"Who needs hope, i got skills"
"When did you get nerfed?"
"Whatever Raiden"
"You forgot i'm a ninja right?"
"I blame whoever trained you"
"Every Ninja knows you Sub-Zero"


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
And he keeps saying to himself and the others that he is not a Ninja, lol
lol well Bi-Han anyway lol I remember MKM he's like "I'm am not a Ninja, Scorpion was a ninja" what's funny is in some of the bios for Kuai Liang they refer to him as "The Ice Ninja" lol :D I always thought that word sounded cooler personally "ninja" lol
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Mr. Righteous
Why does Ralph sound country as hell ?Question mark? He's a bit off...

But Mikey saying RIGHTEOUS just made my damn day! NEW MAIN :)