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Tips on crossover setups please


I'm The Goddamn Batman!
so i picked up lantern last month hes my new main along with batman and adam. Now for his f3 crossup setup i do the usually b13 trait db1 then i dash foward. Now is there a way to make it where the f3 or neutral j3 after that is completely ambiguous? My friend blocks its alot and he says depending where im standing thats how he knows so sometimes i walk foward a litle more or back a little to make it hit on same side

Zurr Tusko

Twitter: ZurrTusko
What I do is after the trait xx Lantern's Might is I whiff F2 to position myself better and take a few steps forward. Depending on when I think they're gonna wake up I can delay the F3 to hit them in the front or do it faster to hit them on the other side. But your mileage my vary as there are better GL players who could probably give better advice.