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Question - Crystalline Tips for inputting Tremor's Flash Parry and Shatter cancels?

STB Bodam

Hey guys,

I haven't been on here in a long time and I apologize for having to make this its own thread but the board hasn't had a new post since last August and I was a bit worried that my question would get lost in the shuffle.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can help explain to me what I'm doing wrong when it comes to Tremor's Flash Parry and Stone Shatter cancels. The Flash Parry is what I'm mainly having the most issues with; as I'm not retaining the 1-hit of armor and when I dash out of it, there's a significant amount of time where I have to finish either my dash or my run before I can start attacking, therefore making whatever pressure that I could potentially establish null and void. I'm 99% sure it's an input error on my part as I'm just not very good with the run mechanics in Mortal Kombat X and the dashing is so different compared to Mortal Kombat 9.

It might not matter much but I am very familiar with the whole Flash Parry game as I exclusively mained Rain in MK9 and had a good amount of success with utilizing his Roundhouse Cancels consistently in my game, so I think I can figure this out if someone can give me a bit of help.

As for the Stone Shatter Cancels, I'm wondering how I should implement these into my game? I don't have much of a problem pulling these off with consistency but I often find myself using them at inopportune times. I want to establish more of a "baiting" type of strategy to get my opponent to do some easy-read jump-ins and throw out unsafe moves but I'd like to hear what an experienced Tremor player could tell me about this tool.

I'll be looking forward to seeing the responses!
Are you playing aftershock btw? Also I find that the problem I usually have is i'm not holding 2 long enough, and also run cancelling ex moves is kinda wonky as is so really just practice it. My friends play tremor and they always use the cancels for plus frames into staggers. f1 works awesome if they are respecting because it gives you so much but if you catch them poking out do cancel into d1 or b1. Also if you are playing aftershock, i've got a little extra tech that you might wanna see

edit: here it is
hold down on the joystick as if you're gonna do shinnok's IATP
while holding down on the joystick press up
let go of joystick and hit down + 1
these are the fastest instant airs you can ever do.
I can hit 3 consistently

John the Savage

"Safeties disabled, combat mode engaged."
So for the flash party/punch cancel what you want to do is input the enhanced punch, release every bottom except 2, and while still holding onto 2 do forward forward RT to run.

If you just hold it and hit forward forward he will dash out of it, so you have to continue holding just 2 so you can use RT to activate the run. If that make any sense lol.