Timing on SC explained inside (i think)

Discussion in 'Gorilla Grodd' started by seveergg, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Okay so ive only been precticing his SC for about 30 mins but im pretty sure i got this down. So let me try and explain
    Lets say youre using his 112 string to cancel into. You want to input the string and stampede, so 112xxBF3, as quickly as your little skinny, or sausage-like fingers can manage. Like i mean really fast no time inbetween button presses. Now obviously his strings are somewhat slow, this is where i think people slip into the fuckery. You have actual time after your imputs to not press anything, maybe a split second but still. When i first started trying this i was mashing the hell out of all the buttons and then immediately trying to bb to cancel. Wrong. I think Grodds slogan should be patience is a virtue. Patience is golden on this big monktard. So back to the SC. Like i said input 112 or 22 bf3 as fast as you can then wait until after his last punch lands. As soon as you see the punch animation for the last hit you can either try getting the timing down perfectly for a simple bb or you can mash that bbbbbbbbbb and once you see the cancel you are right back to strings. I know it might be hard to imagine maybe with this explanation but doing this i can consistently hit his SC at least 10times in a row. If this wasnt helpful i apologize but hey im trying guys haha i want this character to get some love and compassion
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    Trust me he's getting the love even if it's only a little. And I've been working with the timing and how you explained it was perfect to how I was thinking about it . Except I Inputted the stampede at the startup animation of the last punch and canceled after the animation was over
  3. Belial

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    Every time you spend 30 minutes doing cancels and think you've got it, supress the urge to make post like this on TYM
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  4. seveergg

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    Ill keep that in mind but just because you might not have been able to figure it out in 30 mins doesnt mean someone else cant ;)
    Jk but for serious i only posted this to try and help those who might need a verbal explanation of exactly how to time it. If what i said was complicated please let me know and ill happily put it into laymans terms.
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  5. Zyns

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    That actually helped me a lot, homie. Noice.
  6. seveergg

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    Good to hear man it makes him so much more dangerous when you can effectively use his sc
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    Ive been working on them and i remember thinking about him having like half a beat between the stampede and the cancel but if I can just time it based on the normals that sounds like it would be much easier thanks.

    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

    Even with the new way to cancel I still can't get the damn thing down
  9. Every cancel has specific timing to it, just practice.

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    Does distance have a factor of it too? because 22,sc seems hard asf
  11. Just practice point blank. 2,2 you cancel right after his second paw hits just don't press it to fast. I'd show it better but you on Xbox, right?

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    Yep Gt should be under my name

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