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Discussion in 'Bane' started by Cursa, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    So as many of you Bane players are probably aware of there are a bunch of characters who have throw immunity on some of their specials and/or buttons. For those of you who don't know, throw immune is basically what is says - you are immune to throws and command grabs while you're using this special or button.

    So if it's a special you can use it as a wakeup attack to get past Bane's command grab oki, and forces him to make some riskier reads in order to punish it, like blocking (Because fuck that, I play Bane to not have to block).

    I'm not sure how well looked into this is but it popped in my head while at work for the last couple of days and thought it'd be a cool idea to test out.

    So an example of this is Firestorm's BF3, Fusion Charge. This is Firestorm's wakeup attack, and it is throw immune. It is unsafe on block so you can block on a read but that defeats a large part of Bane's oki, is taking away from that mindgame of whether or not they will wakeup.

    Now, I have a solution that I haven't seen used before that allows you to really punish those pesky throw immune wakeups!

    Using Firestorm as the example still, we can actually both enforce grab pressure AND beat his throw immune wakeup at the same time. In the video I have Firestorm set to AUTO BLOCK, with RANDOM WAKEUP of FUSION CHARGE.

    I'm able to both punish Firestorm if he does nothing on wakeup (i.e blocking) as well as punish his throw immune wakeup due to my armour eating the hit, and allowing for me to full combo punish with a S1, provided that my grab recovers earlier than his BF3 does (as well as by another 7 frames for S1 startup).

    Now this is actually pretty tricky to do. I do drop it once or twice when I first tried and he manages to block in time. This is because I did my command grab too late. On the flip side of this though, if you are able to use a button/special with a longer hit advantage, like BF2 at +20, it becomes incredibly easy to do because it gives you even more time to get a punish, since you're command grab comes out significantly earlier than their wakeup does, meaning your recovery frames end way earlier then theirs' do
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  2. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Reserved for some extra xxx vids of big man destroying people with his massive bod
  3. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    So far I've found this works on
    • Firestorm
    • Deadshot (Non MB)
    • Atom (Teleport and BF2)
    • Blue Beetle (Praise The Bane Train of Pain)
    • Black Manta
    • Supergrill
    • Superman
    • Catwoman
    • Raiden
    • Turtles
    • Grodd (Close and Mid leaps, unsure about far leap)
    • Wonder Woman (Up bash)
    • And many more!
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  4. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    Yeah, thing about this incarnation of Bane is that his throw recovers quite fast, allowing him to "flash parry" and punish moves that avoid being affected by grab proper for one reason or another, provided those moves have significant recovery upon being armored. The mechanic of the interaction itself is not dissimilar to mechanics behind certain usages of say, FADC in SF.

    In fact, you can see people abusing this frame data nuance to blow up stuff not just on wakup, but also in stings, IIRC up to and including bounce cancels (that's tight though).

    List of cases where it is actually practical, like this one, would be great to have. Thank you!
  5. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    Indeed, I just figure on oki is the easiest place to start since you know the timing of the wakeup and the probability of them doing it is pretty high, especially if they know it's throw immune.

    Doing it against strings and other stuff but that's a pretty major read if you're intentionally trying to go for this as a Flash parry. Against bounce cancels or B3/F3's in general it's easier but still a pretty hard read at the end of the day

    It's easier said than done against some moves more than others but if you do it after say ending a combo in elbow (+20) it took me like 3 tries and I got it consistently
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  6. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    OK so I'm not sure if anyone else has tried this buuuutttt.....

    Beetle gets like proper fucked up by this if you have the meter for it. Just end combos at 12xxBF2 instead of 123xxDB1 and you basically got it. If he sits down you grab him if he wakeups you do like 30% min if you choose to use charge for the side switch. Or just go into BF2/DB2 again and be +20.

    If you got the 2 bars... welp... S1 punish into bounce cancel into another +20

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