This specific combo for Cyrax..?

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by Tyris1013, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    I'm messing around and training with Cyrax, so don't bite me If I have no idea was this combo used before :(

    "I was messing around and wanted something to push player behind and toss bomb at the same time, so here's the combo

    / = or this input

    JI, 21 NET(two ways to continue)

    teleport, jump over 21/33 ex bomb OR

    step back, JI 21/33 ex bomb, close bomb, dash, 33 Antiair throw (onto the bomb), walk back slightly so you can hit, 4+NET

    now this 4+net is so fast I actually caught Sektor's wake up attack teleport, however his flame resisted it. It was EX flame however..

    Its a good pressure combo, dunno is it known yet? Originally I wanted to do 4+medium bomb to continue preasure, but net came out and it was amazing :confused:

    What do you guys think?"

    -"corrected, I tried it again bit faster and sektor could not use his flame nor teleport against the neat. He starts it but he's locked in

    you can teleport and do combo of your own..

    I have no idea will this work like on Noob Saibot's teleport lol, isn't he the fastest?"

    Posted it on gamespot, so copied pasted here.
  2. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    i think tony t did this like 10 videos ago lol.
  3. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    oh.. nvm than. One thing to mention, net doesn't work on roll mode >_> Sektor's wake up took priority over roll mode.. So overall its good against wakeups :confused:

    But it does work against AUTO block, unless he rolls than blocks first.. And us humans are bit slower than that :D

    edit: sh**, I hope I didn't offend anyone with this? Just thought It was cool how fast it shot net lol :confused:
  4. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Since youre talking about netting someone while on wake up I assume you are describing the same situation as when doing 1,2,1xnet or 1,2,3xnet. The 4 in the combo you described is the last hit of the actual combo and the net reaches the opponent after they touch the ground. If the opp simply blocks after the knockdown instead of performing a wake-up attack the net will not connect; which is what will happen 100% of the time against any semi experienced opp. (Test by setting dummy on block always b4 the knockdown)

    There is the odd instance where the opp will tech roll at JUST the right time so that the net catches them out of the roll, but this is almost unverifiable and certainly not reliable.

    Additionally, the opp has no reason to NOT block the net or attempt the wake up attack at all, since standing 4 (or 1,2,1 or 1,2,3 for that matter) will leave the opp far from Cyrax without allowing a safe jump or throw attempt... meaning the opp can succesfuly block the net and then attack b4 Cyrax can capitalize on the advantage.

    Id reccomend ending combos with AAthrow, Ragdoll, Saw, or 2nd Net (within the combo) depending wether you want to go for full damage, oki or remove their wakeup game all together. (Depends on the opp & his character, and circumstances of the match itself)

  5. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Hey, I did test against a dummy against wakeup, block, always block, and roll

    Thing is they do not block on Always block instead they get hit by net, but if they roll back first and always block, then they do block cause timing is longer.

    I could wrong, but I've messed with this combo so many time :S

    edit: "Thing is they do not block on Always block instead they get hit by net, but if they roll back first and always block, then they do block cause timing is longer." -what I meant is that they don't have enough time to block unless they roll back and than block. Otherwise it works.
  6. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Test with a human, they will be able to block it without rolling. Dummy block is not reliable.
  7. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Really? sh**, I though Always block was an insta block :s

    I'll tell my friend to block when I pull this combo on him than :>

    Thanks NariTuba
  8. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    np man. it is supposed to be insta block but its bugged.

    Get back here and report your findings!
  9. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Might be a while, I mistyped auto instead of always. After I fire up net while cpu is still in air, i press start and put always block on him. So always is also bugged or?

    I tried landing Tony's B2 after EX bm, CB, 33 antiair, (dash back?) B2 but its hard to time it right :eek:
  10. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Training mode in MK9 is bugged in many ways, the only way to seriously test block stuff like this is with a human. Try to pause after you hit them with the 4 and the net came out, then simply grab the other controller and hold block - unpause.

    b2 has two hits, the bomb strike and the explosion. You need to learn to connect with the second hit only after a bomb launch either by delaying the b2 or doing it early so you place the bomb under the juggled opp as theyre coming down. Either way, avoiding the first hit will guarrantee the continuation of the combo and give you a slight damage increase to boot.
  11. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Well, I actually have no problems with B2 in general and other bomb setups, just this one, has minimal time :( guess it really just takes practice.

    I'll try the training thingie with the controller
  12. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    update: yeah, you were right :eek: set the controller to block after combo as human, it did block it (meh, this is my first MK besides Mk4 as a kid.. xD doing well so far)

    anyway, changed the combo to my liking from Tony's idea, the dmg is pretty close except that it doesn't use one extra bar for the net. So its just 1 bar and 41 % dmg

    JI, 21/12/33 ex bomb, CB, dash, 33 anti air, wait for drop at highest point for 33+net, (TL), 33 anti air :) (you can do ex anti air/ ex rgd if you time it right for 42.. not worth it imo :s -anti air is safer here)

    Its pretty damn close, minus the 3 % extra dmg and it still looks awesome :) and less painful to perform (for me anyway?)
    Are those 3 % big deal?

    What do you think NariTuba? Any room to up the dmg here?

    edit: I did actually land B2 on this combo, but its rather tricky and I do not want to risk the miss and punish x_X

    UPDATE 2: Actually got to 42 % dmg :D! I was missing the ragdoll grab, figured he couldn't reach it cause of all the juggle but it turns out I was hitting grab too soon.

    so just replace anti air with rgd at the end, and time grab. So its solid no hussle 42 dmg minus the 2-3 dmg with 1 more bar?
  13. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    go for this:

    jps, 2,1xnet, jps, 2,1xExbomb, mid bomb, uppercut, b2, 1,2,1xAAthrow (58% damage)

    you can also finish that with:
    b2, 1,2,1xragdoll with throw for max damage (59% iirc)
    b2, 3,3xnet to remove their wakeup
    b2, 3,3xsaw to cause a splat
  14. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Yeah, but uhh.. that's different combo :D I know about that one, I actually use 33saw sometimes to push them into mid bomb.

    but the combo I was talking about looks cool, that's why :D
  15. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
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    Why does almost everyone use the 3 3 to end his combos instead of the 2 1?
    Doesn't have to be hit as quickly, does more damage(i think), and you can just end with another 1 and knock 'em clear across the board if you want.
    Just curious.
  16. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    I think that 33 adds more air time, for example if you want to B2 33 net, teleport, mid bomb and 22, than njp, b2, 21 rgd ^^

    cause 21 and net will position them bit lower, giving them more time to hit you.

    But for end combos, I think it helps with special moves? It doesn't help with xray tho, 21 into xray ftw

    edit: unless its a 121 rgd, but I'm not sure does that work on the air.. unless RGD is ex RGD
  17. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Founder Of The Advent Kombat Alliance.
    Premium Supporter

    Gotta try that. 3 things I need to work on: corner combos, DEFENSE, and knocking fools around when I catch them in the air. This shall help.
  18. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Same goes for me.. I was going with Cyrax the other day and totally forgot every single combo about him :( felt like idiot, but I managed to win with 90 % hp
  19. Tyris1013

    Tyris1013 Noob

    Hey guys, what about this?

    JI2, 33 Net, TL, mid bomb, 22, NJP, B2, dash, 21 net, tl, 3+x ray = 65 dmg :)

    any way to improve this?
  20. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    First advice I would give you is get rid of the x-ray unless youre going for pure flash. You can get the same damage for 2 bars if you really need it.

    All disclaimers aside and just for fun?

    JI2, 33 Net, TL, mid bomb, 22, NJP, B2, dash, 2,1 dash 3,3xnet, (1,2,1xmb for meterless setup) or (3,3xExb, 3,3xragdoll for 1 bar)

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