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this one buff could really help this character be more viable


mental and fundamental
If the meterburn of fans didn't knock your opponent out of the air, and instead lifted them higher and for longer, it would open up metered damage and more of a full-screen threat for the character.
That's pretty much it.


mental and fundamental
Huh? Why would fans lifting opponents be a full screen threat?
because you could convert for combo damage fullscreen, I guess I meant to say the fans would be more threatening fullscreen
basically i think highborn style zoning would do her well


Kitana & Skarlet
I mean I just think fan combos would be enough though, right? I mean she’s already a commitment character with her dial in strings


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
did you mean to say wouldn't?
I think she isn't bad but I'd be all for her getting a base lancher in all vars. If its meterless/amped fan so be it but a string popping up but being unsafe would be good like the overhead off B321 or something along those lines but I think fan is the best idea. I'd like for EX Fan to hold them in air longer so you can dash into conversion.