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"This is over. Bbbyyyeee." - Android 18 General Discussion


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Android 18 General Discussion

Android 18 created by the infamous Dr. Gero joins the roster of Dragonball FighterZ with her twin brother Android 17 at her side! Although she wiped the floor with Vegeta back in the Cell Saga, she eventually joined the Z fighters as a powerful ally!

For all tech and talk relating to Krillin’s wife in action, discuss it here!
I would love to see a dramatic finish showing her breaking Vegeta's arm.
Another one with her breaking Trunks sword.
(She also beat the shit out piccolo too).
And finally... a Dramatic finish with her kissing scared Krillin.
All of that happened in a single episode. LOL.
That would be sooo coool man.:cool: