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"This is Mercy" Cetrion and Kronika ’s face models found

Art Lean

Damn, that is EXACTLY the skin I had in mind when I typed my earlier comment. I think the word you're looking for is "sexy", especially with that skin which makes her look like she came from a steam bath. <3
Well I was actually deliberately trying to emphasise her whole "mother earth" thing she's got going on, whilst cleverly yet not-so-subtly referencing the fact that she's a sexy bitch, so looking "fertile" was my intentionally naturalistic reference in regards to the the massive set of lovely knockers (that undoubtedly supply sustenance to all new life in the universe or something) that she's got spilling out of her stone swimsuit and that I'd gladly go to town on her :D

Cetrion - "I am the goddess of all living things in the universe. I am their creator, the angel of virtue and the embodiment of all that is pure. I create balance with my brother the vessel of death in the ever evolving circle of natural life."

Me - "You've got lovely tits."
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