This Is A Hunt I've Longed For: Cheetah General Discussion

Discussion in 'Cheetah' started by AcCooper20, May 7, 2017.

  1. AcCooper20

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    It was brought to my attention that we didn't have a Cheetah General Discussion thread, so here we go! A place to discuss anything and everything on our favorite cursed archaeologist, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva.
  2. Endding

    Endding You picked a bad time to get lost friend

    Really hoping she'd have GL's mini gun special if I'm honest


  3. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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    I would both love and hate that at the same time lol
  4. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman

    hello fellow cheeta sistas lul
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  5. AcCooper20

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    We're gonna need a new name lol. My masculinity is too fragile for Cheetah Sistas
  6. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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    Btw the New gear that was shown on stream is probably my favorite gear that they've shown so far
  7. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman

    right masculinity sure i got you buddy lul

    _CHINOCUDEIRO_ Machakabotones

    Cheetah has three potential salty moves:
    -F3 long range double hit
    -J2 double hit,negates b3MB
    -cross up-dive kick, can MB for combo.

    Cheetah and Flash are the only true rushdown chars IMO
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  9. Rickyraws

    Rickyraws This mean you don't like me?

    Batman is Cheetah's worst match up. Too many mind games.

  10. Espio

    Lead Moderator

    I am so excited for her, she seems like she will be a perfect compliment/counter balance to Blue Beetle's style of play. Her gear looks really nice especially the more I see of it although I hate her tail gear pieces so I'm gonna be lame and go with default tail like I only rocked default Beetle's mask cause I hated the others we've seen lol. She seems so fast and agile, very unlike most grapple focused characters. That slow, tank like movement is what usually puts me off to grapplers.
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  11. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman

    lul but really guise ill body all sausage-tails catch me in ranked cheetas bout to go extinct
  12. Samsara

    Samsara Time is a flat circle
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    Reasons I want to play Cheetah:

    1) She has Maximum Spider for a Super so I look forward to fishing for that adamantly.

    2) Cool flips and spins and shit.

    3) Dive kicks and tons of movement

    4) Best looking grill in the game... actually I'm going to be honest and say she's pretty smokin.

    5) Cool voice work, actually dig the English accent
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  13. EMPRESS_SunFire

    EMPRESS_SunFire Regina George of discord

    Yay! We're 9 days away from playing her, I can't wait to have her in my hands... She has a lot of set-ip potential with that command jump, knockdowns, restand, enders, long F3 and can we agree that she has the coolest looking strings ever?
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  14. EMPRESS_SunFire

    EMPRESS_SunFire Regina George of discord

    Her j2 seems like it just hits airborne oponents but idk.
  15. chores

    chores bad at things

    i think gorilla looks rushdown too

    lets summarize:
    1. one of the faster walkspeeds
    2. fastest dashes
    3. divekick into combo
    4. command grabs into combos
    5. trait activation for more damage (can this be done mid combo?)
    6. double hit f3

    not gonna lie that sounds pretty broke on paper. she can jump around and move so fast that keeping her out will be a nightmare. once she is in she can mix you up with command grabs that meter burn into 30%+ ..... yes please.
  16. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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    I hate to say it but I agree with you. Most of the tail gear i've seen looks kinda derpy but I have seen one or two that were decent. I think I would like it better if she actually used her tail in combat, then it would make more sense.

    9 long ass days! lol. And yeah her strings look sick. Especially the one at the 1:06 mark in her trailer.

    And am I the only one that hated her appearance in the Justice League cartoon? First off they changed her origin to the oh-so-typical " had to experiment on myself and now i'm a human/animal hybrid" and then that bullshit where Batman woos her.
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  17. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
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    Cheetah looks very fun to play and hype for her made me do some research on her in the comics.

    Long story short, she is all over the place, at one point able to take down the justice league, putting real hits on superman and able to stop the flash cold. At another point, losing in a fistfight to catwoman.

    Seems like she is only as strong as who is writing her.
  18. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    That's definitely true, but it also depends which Cheetah. Where was the fistfight with Catwoman, arc-wise?

    Barbara Ann Minerva is usually pretty high-powered, especially after Zoom helped her tap into the Speed Force.

    Priscilla Rich (the Golden Age/Superfriends/etc Cheetah), meanwhile, was just a lady in a catsuit with no superhuman powers.

    In general though, yeah, Cheetah's someone who ought to be written as very powerful but sometimes gets handed to writers who unfairly use her to job.

    My issue with the tail gear is exactly that she doesn't use her tail at all to fight. It's just pointless ornamentation that would weigh her down! I don't get it.

    I kind of hope she has some sleek leather options and it's not 100% tribal stuff. I'd love to be able to do something like this just for one of my loadouts:


    And yes, the Timmverse origin was definitely boring, but I liked Sheryl Lee Ralph's voice performance a lot. I'm very happy with the voice actress they got for IJ2.
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  19. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
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    In my cheetah learning travels, she totally does use it to fight. Uses it like a whip to slap people around/break shit, and is apparently prehensile like a monkeys since she can use it to grab shit.
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  20. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    In the comics, yes! I just meant none of her moves or normals that we've seen in gameplay seem to use it.
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  21. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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    I believe the fight he is referring to is in the Catwoman story "When In Rome" basically Cheetah is sent to kill Catwoman but Catwoman defeats her because it's her comic and she is played up.
    I'm hoping her tail is used at least once in a string or something so that all that gear can get some use but we will see. And I agree with you that Erica Luttrell is doing a fantastic job with the voiceover here. She also voiced Cheetah in the Lego game but sounds completely different (no British accent for one).
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  22. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
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    Ohhhh, yes. But that was a Jeph Loeb miniseries that was barely canon, so I say we choose to ignore it!!
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  23. AcCooper20

    AcCooper20 Stay Frosty!
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  24. JesterSMX

    JesterSMX It's too laggy to poke...

    Anyone know of a cheetah discord? Her moves look disrespectful and kinda broken if she can also mix. I hope the divekick is like sonya's on whiff to navigate zoners. I think the pounce will be used for setups and meaty on wake up. Doesn't look like a viable anti-zoning tool except on a read. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  25. DarksydeDash

    DarksydeDash Bring back Kenshi for MK11!

    I expect that she will be a huge threat as soon as she gets in. She has tons of command grabs, some of which are in the middle of strings.

    First thing to look for: can she combo into her trait (like how Superman can do f23xxtrait) because if she can, then her damage will sky rocket.

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