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This guy thinks kabal is god tier

Hecatomb said:
ÐarkMoon said:
MK2 was meh, 2 god tiers that own every other character. And it wasnt even fun playing vs those 2.
Mileena does not own Scorpion, Subzero, Raiden, Kung Lao, or Liu Kang.

Gives them a run for their money yes, but own no.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Iori9 said:
Great post Shock, you pretty much said all that needs to be said.

I don't know why people think the games broken, I mean just about every fighting game has 100% combos..

lol (¯`·._(UMK3 Sucks)_.·´¯) right under your name, thats funny :lol:
Exactly, it's pure ignorance...EVERY fighting game has top tiers ,mid tiers, low tiers etc and there's always "a flaw" or a trick to exploit...

They think SF II is so pefect? ha, ha, ha...right :roll:
its true there is no perfect balanced fighting game, the only game that comes close is VF4 EVO. Even low tiers win tournaments.... but theres some games that are to broken and not even fun to play. Playing vs really broken characters gets old after awhile and MK2 is ok but everyone uses Mileena and Jax and there not fun to play maybe for other people but not me.

Its funny to on SRK.com everyone talks crap about other fighting games and when ever anyone talks crap about MVC2 or CVS2 people get all but hurt. People on srk are hypocrites


ÐarkMoon said:
I don't know whats worse, people from SRK not knowing what they are talking about.

Or Members from this very site badmouthing MK2 over and over. UMK3 is more deep and more balanced. Theirs some shit that sucks about MK2 but to say it is not a good game at all. You might as well take off every subforum of this website and leave it UMK3 only.

Its just like the Wiki, UMK3 moveset gets added and their is a paragraph explaining it. MK2 moveset gets added and its just like "moveset added"

People here should show some love towards all MKs. IMO because I'll play the fuck out of them all. To play only 1 MK man thats boring.
lol, did you read the paragraph under the UMK3 move list? Or just see it's length and decide to complain.

That paragraph describes what was added and a lot was added. The MK2 move list is just a move list. I haven't added damage per move yet, there are no autocombos to add, there is no damage protection info to add, and I haven't added any rules/disabling info yet. When I do, then the paragraph under the MK2 list will get longer because there will be a reason for it.

We're not going to get rid of everything besides UMK3 just because you don't feel the website supports MK2 enough. I can't force people to like it that don't and I won't force myself to play it because I don't really enjoy it. But people that want to talk about it, talk strats, post vids, etc, should be able to and there is no other good place on the internet to do that.


in the all fights I do in my life the wrost opponent`s character is Kabal , He is also fast , high hits damage , and hard to control it