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This game needs new quitality.

Ryu Hayabusa

Filthy Casual
So your opponent leaves and their head exodes and you don't get to do your awesome fatality and brutality. That's really pathetic and not satisfying enough. I suggest this should be the new quitality.


Ryu Hayabusa

Filthy Casual
I would rather that if you quit it pops up on your screen that you're a big fat loser. Penalize the quitter for quitting by reminding them that they absolutely suck
Fat shaming got me banned from another forum run by feminists and SJWs who were wetting themselves over 2/10 with makeup on plus size model.


Scott The Scot

Where there is smoke, there is cancer.
I would rather it instantly, in the blink of an eye, takes you to the "do you want to search for another opponent?" screen on the multiplayer menu's because watching it is a waste of my time and the opponent doesn't have to watch it. You're watching that animation like a sucker and they're already finding new people to play with.

Give them a 60 second ban. If they do it again within 24 hours then make keep doubling it for every quit. I'd rather have that. Quitting should be = to closing game app, turning off console, power cutting out etc. So people WILL be penalised, no matter what.

B. Shazzy

NRS shill #42069
but I don't ragequit with sub because I always win since its a crutch broken character :)
no, see, the point is 90% of these online subzero mains are scrubby and don't know what to do without a clone. and who ragequits? scrubs, etc etc i'm sure you know all about it

props to actually finishing that post btw. it's unlike you to see things all the way through.

Oh, FFS. Is this stupid shit gonna pop up in EVERY thread? Jesus.
why are my posts relating to ragequittters in ragequit-discussing threads bothering you? just move on with your day.


I wish it said Hara Kiri and show some animation of that character killin themselves. Like Quan chi falling on his own sword or Tremor having lava rocks fall on his head etc