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They Don't Call Me The Main Man For Nothing! - The Lobo General Discussion Thread.


A spaceman
Kano is probably the most "Lobo-ish" character in mkx. But I'm going with Kenshi, F/T and Mileena so far.

And Hello "Hi Im Brandon".
Dude you got similar taste to me.
I'm going Kano just 'cause he's cool. Commando seems to have no combos, but I imagine those parries will get you out of a lot of crappy corner situations.
Lookin' at Jason and Tremor for DLC too.

Also, Takeda is gonna be top tier. I'm calling it right now. I'd put money on that shit.
Hey what's up Derocus, you're the guy that got me into Lobo in the first place with your videos. I grinded out quite the mean Lobo. Although when you stopped uploading Lobo though I moved on to Decay.