There won't be any MK11 comic! - Shawn Kittelsen

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HeavyNorse, Dec 9, 2018.

By HeavyNorse on Dec 9, 2018 at 9:43 PM
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HeavyNorse, Dec 9, 2018.

    1. Law Hero
    2. Megaton_Rich
      I take it this means the game will take place almost right after X without any major time skips at least in the beginning.
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    3. Darth-Nero
      Once again the leaks are proven to be legit, MK11 takes place 3 years after MKX so there is barely any time skip for comics to cover.
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    4. Megaton_Rich
      oh word? i haven't heard about it.
    5. Gamer68
      I never read the comics but I know most of what happened and even saw a lot of screen caps of pages and stuff while I was trying to learn the back story of MKX. Honestly, while it kinda sucks the story won't be expanded through comics, I don't think it's a big deal.

      The MKX game and comics had a really big disconnect. The game barely mentioned anything that the comics went into, which almost made them seem like a fan fiction than actual canon. Like Goro gets his arms cut off in the comics but in the game he's in as a bonus character and his arms are fine. In the early chapters of the comics Mileena's mouth had her klassic design but in the game she was updated, so later chapters had to update her look (so there was literally a visual "retcon" just within the comics itself).

      Other things, too. Like Kotal Kahn in the game uses blue bodypaint but in the comics he is blue even being a baby, which either implies that 1) his people were painting him blue for some reason, or what was more likely implied: 2) he was born blue (lol).

      I think it might be because NetherRealm is very secretive about what they are working on, especially the story to the game that they don't want spoiled -- so they end up not sharing info with anyone that isn't actually in-house (which unfortunately effected the MKX comic series). This is just speculation, though.

      Anyway, while the retcons and weird disconnects were bad between products, it seems Shawn did a good job with the MKX comic story in itself. So I would rather see his writing in the game, which I think is more important than a comic spin-off.
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    6. Darth-Nero
      Yeah check "mortal kombat 11 rumors" thread, The leaks are 100% accurate so far.
    7. phantomthief99
      This is horseshit

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    8. ImperatrixSindel
      Interesting that Kittelsen was officially on the story team for MK11, though! Clearly they liked what he did with the comic.

      3 years would be ample time to cover in a comic book. The Injustice comic spent years covering single years of the in-character timeline.

      And no they haven't? None of them predicted custom variations, which is the most important thing that's been revealed to date.

      Shao Kahn as the preorder character for the next game was a frequent guess, and we've all been speculating about the Dream Realm woman and the timelines converging since Jade's MK9 ending in 2011. (We don't even know if the woman in the trailer is meant to be that same woman, yet.)

      The two alleged leaks we've seen from Reddit, both of which guessed these details, also contradict each other in terms of roster. The third 'leak', from 4chan, said there were no variations at all.
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    9. MKF30
      Man, that sucks. I have every one of the canon ones that tie into the games. The MKX ones are awesome, and show some characters histories, what they've done between MK 9 and MK X and more feats for them. I hope the storymode is like 8 hours long this time or something, NRS are masters of the genre with storymode by far.
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    10. DownfouralitY
      Good. MKX comic was hella wack.
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    11. STORMS
    12. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      except they aren't? Not a single one mentioned custom variations. All the alleged leaks so far either mentioned fixed variations, or no variations at all.
    13. ImperatrixSindel
      Thank you! People are acting like these 'leaks' getting a few easy-to-guess details right means they're unimpeachable.
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    14. HeavyNorse
      I believe a leak also mentioned that there would be comics, so that's proven wrong as well.
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    15. Onilordasmodeus
      Kinda sux. I was looking forward to a new comic. Some new lore to tide me over until launch.
    16. Barrogh
      Tbh I'm not sure that it was really that easy to guess a mysterious woman that has something to do with time and the game dealing with multiple timelines at once, which we've seen in the trailer (possibly?).

      Not impossible, perhaps, but still.
    17. ImperatrixSindel
      There has been a mysterious woman trying to break the new timeline since Jade's ending in MK9, and she popped up again in Kitana's ending in MKX. She has been the #1 loose end in the story that MK lore fans have been speculating about since 2011. Lots of people were convinced she'd be in MKX, back when MKX 'leaks' were happening.

      Fake leaks are like psychic cold reading. They make educated guesses to get a few 'hits' and then fill in the rest. It's possible one of these leaks is real, but the two which mentioned this new female antagonist contradict each other in multiple ways and neither of them listed custom variations as a gameplay element.
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    18. Jhonnykiller45
      These tweets from Kittelsen are both good and bad news. The bad news is obviously no komic, but the good news is that he's in the MK11 story team and'll make sure the MKX komic events are fully canonicized in MK11.
      No MK11 komic is kind of good thing in itself as well, actually, since we won't have to worry our heads about any possible komic/game discrepancies at all, and that helps keep the overall MK11 story more focused and concise.
    19. AZ MotherBrain
      AZ MotherBrain
      Bums me out, I really liked the mkx comics
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    20. HeavyNorse
      Me too. However, I'm happy that Shawn Kittelsen was then hired as a writer for the main story!
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    21. Darth-Nero
      The reddit leaks talks about each variation being unique and basically it's own character with it's own x-ray and such, That doesn't really contradict with the idea of custom variations. perhaps we will be given the option to pick what we like from each variation to create our own similar to "Kreat your own karacter" in armageddon. You'll get to pick which x-ray you want to use with which move sets (playstyle) brutalities and specials.

      I know some ppl, like yourself, are desperate for all leaks to be fake cuz their favorite character(s) are not included in the leaked rooster. And i too hope that the leaked rooster is not 100% true either cuz i would like to see more returning characters like Sindel, Kabal and Baraka.

      But i personally don't think we really have anything solid to completely discredit the leaks with at this point. So far reveal at VGA, Shao as preorder, Salina/Orical dream goddess as a new female antagonist all been true about the leaks.
    22. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      One of the leaks mentioned there would be a comic then Kittelsen said there isn't. Well rumors and leaks have to be taken at face value so I guess I'm very disappointed and saddened that there's no comic this time around.

      I really liked it and I'm reading it again right now. I'm glad they are debunking some parts of the leaks and rumors though. Keep us on our toes on speculating which is truly fun to do.

      Still sad because I really like the lore as much has as the gameplay. Conquest and story mode better be Assassins Creed type long and detailed. Wish they would make a game just for the lore as much as the gameplay.
    23. ImperatrixSindel
      I disagree! I do want a roster different from the one in the supposed leak, that's true, but I also think we have every reason to be skeptical about the leaks. I'm thinking about doing a thread breaking each of the four prominent leaks down with pros/cons.

      But the 'leaks' from right before VGA saying it'd be at VGA is not proof lmao.
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    24. Darth-Nero
      Do it. Tho i'll continue to believe in the legitimacy of the leaks until the 1st serious contradiction pops up, Meanwhile i'll just be casually waiting to see my Bae Rai Cho snuggly nested at the heart of the roster.

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