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The Ultimate MK Encyclopaedia is coming, only 8 days left on Kickstarter!


So I am guessing by now at least some of you know about this project by Uppercut Editions and while it was down for a bit due to WB copyright infringement, they can still continue with the project! It has currently over 600 backers and has reached $60k. Let's try to get this to 70k so we can get a special alternate cover by Esau - the artist who's done work such as these, which is a print you can get if you are willing to back the project :) There's new options since a few days like 'Book of Souls redux', which includes 2 books, 2 prints and a leather cover for not just the US, but Canada and the UK as well, and a 'Chameleon' one where you get a ninja cowl and mask - to the colour of your choosing!! So go check it out and share to as many fans as possible, it's worth it and only 8 days left :)
Wonder how many people actually backed this on here, silent fans or just a bunch of negative nancies who won't even back this amazing fan project yet think they can complain about not getting KP3 or whatever. Ironic.