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The Ultimate Johnny Cage Guide


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I have been wanting to make this for a while, but held off until after Combo Breaker so I could get a lot of offline experience and insight from top players. My opinion on Cage is that he is around top 10 or better, and will be even scarier when his whiffing issues are addressed. Likes, comments, and shares are appreciated, I worked really hard on this. I hope this helps to learn Johnny Cage!
Timestamps are in the description of the video.



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Great guide.

You should have been more specific though on the amplified fireballs, they actually literally work on 4 or 5 characters out of 25 as most males also have female hitbox issues. Same as d1 on hit jailing in s1.

As it is now it's not a viable tactic at all except against those 4 chars.

"I'm sure they'll fix it [whiffing issues] later in the game's life."
Also quoting this to be here when inj3 comes out and nobody gave a fk to fix the hitboxes
After a nut punch restand Ive been doing a jump over/cross over with jump punch 1 into b34 hit confirmed into full combo or F344 hit confirmed or blk confirmed into full combo or caged rage. It will catch someone the first time and a couple more times if you catch them off guard of course by mixing in your other options after nut punch .

Another thing I have been doing is ending combos with DB3 which leaves the opponent fairly close to be to walk up and shimmy to bait out a wakeup and whiff punish.


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I'm really looking to get back to Johnny now that I've basically gotten Cassie down, this is gonna help a lot


is the hitbox going to get updated for these characters it doesnt work on? in the video he says its going to get patched.. when has that ever happened in a fighting game?