The TYM "What are you listening to?" Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by TempesT, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

    MP3 player? iPod? Windows Media Player? WinAmp? Conch Shell? Noisy Fan? What are you listening to right now?

    (Keep spam to a minimum)

    Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira
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  2. Killer Instinct Killer Cuts
  3. MTV in the background, sorta.... last track I listened to was Go Getta by Young Jeezy feat. R Kelly.

    EDIT: My loud ass fans in my rig too lol, I got fans that can start a small tropical storm in my room.
  4. Mr Wiggl3s

    Mr Wiggl3s Noob

    Tech n9ne - im a playa
  5. "Vasoline"- Stone Temple Pilots 8)
  6. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

    Fixed :]
  7. ilovepoop

    ilovepoop Noob

  8. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

    No need to do that... :s, my WMP is PINK!!!

  9. 1995 FTW!!!
  10. TempesT

    TempesT Guest

  11. ilovepoop

    ilovepoop Noob

  12. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    Hybrid - Finished Symphony
  13. NINEB4LL

    NINEB4LL Noob

    MP3 player playing my favorite 3 songs of all time on repeating loop.

    DragonForce - Trail of Broken Hearts
    Running Wild - Libertalia
    Manowar - Dawn of Battle

    If you have time, please check out:

    A song has never sounded so good to me. But everyone has their own taste. :wink:
  14. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    You're becoming an Alanis Junkie ILP.

    Lately, I've been listening to a LOT of Type O Negative. Their new album is starting to grow on me.

    "Dead Again"

    Favorite songs right now are September Sun and Hail and Farewell to Britain
  15. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    Ahh, Dragonforce. The cheesiest band in existance.
  16. NINEB4LL

    NINEB4LL Noob

    What kind of reaction do you expect from that? Everyone's taste is different and just because YOU think a band is "cheesy" doesn't mean anything. I do not know why you would post that flamebait on a friendly community website, let alone a topic where the creator specifically said NO SPAM. People's favorite music is a very important part of their lives and I KNOW you did not expect a "friendly" response to that.

    But really, I don't like a lot of music INCLUDING Hybrid, but I don't go out and try to convince people who like it that it's "cheesy". Everyone listens to music differently. Maybe if it was a band with a small fanbase that gets thrown out of clubs then your statement would be worth posting, but I just don't understand.

    Spread the love of music or keep quiet. If you like a band someone listens to then cool, talk about it. If not then it is a subject easier to argue about than politics.

    Lets not have this thread turn into a "my taste in music is better than yours" arguement whenever someone posts a band you don't like. Nobody's music preference is "better" than another's so lets not even go there.
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  17. gsp1179

    gsp1179 Noob

    Since when is "cheesy" synonymous with "bad"?

    No need to react like I insulted you personally... I like Dragonforce. I like lots of power metal actually.

    Don't take music so seriously man. It isn't that big of a deal, I get shit for what I listen to all the time and I just take it in stride.

    Also, isn't your recommendation of Dragonforce (and linking to them on Youtube) considered spam then too?
  18. NINEB4LL

    NINEB4LL Noob

    Right now I am listening to the unstoppable sound of snoring not even a tornado siren would be heard over it.

    By the way GSP, perhaps you should know what cheesy means before you use the term so "loosely" then?

    Cheesy means: Trying too hard, tacked on, poor quality etc. AKA BAD. Feel free to look it up for yourself. :wink:

    edit: I dont believe my link to the df song was spam, since it was in the same post where I said what I was listening to? Correct me if i'm wrong.
  19. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    None of this changes that Type O Negative might just be the greatest band in the history of mankind. :twisted:
  20. Derek

    Derek Noob

    I want to just rip that post apart, but that'd be rude. Shock I disagree with you however I still respect your opinion. That aside. . .

    Battery - Metallica
  21. I kinda agree with Sugar's stance exactly.. but anyway.

    A Global Threat ftw.
  22. ilovepoop

    ilovepoop Noob

    Yes you have got me into it quite some bit? i guess i usually listen it her while i wakl to school and home from school, which is an hour walk total

    They might have been the greatest band of there time but not of mankind.
  23. Slim Thug - Like a Boss

    Mad ill Tuba lol.... gotta hear the track understand
  24. Mr Wiggl3s

    Mr Wiggl3s Noob

    If by type 0 negative, you mean tech n9ne, and by band you mean rapper then yes type O negative is the greatest band ever
  25. DarkMoon

    DarkMoon Noob

    Keep of Kalessin - Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark
    Sabbat - The Devil's Sperm is Cold
    Bethlehem - Dark Metal
    Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
    Witches Hammer - Canadian Speed Metal

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