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    GLoRToR The bandwagon is the best kind of dwagon. It bans.

    1. Omit Junkfood from the getgo.
    2. Omit refined grain and sugar from your diet. Use natural sweeteners, rice flour, graham flour.
    3. Make sure to check the origin of vegetable and meat you consume.
    4. Limit your daily carbohydrates to 1000 gramms total.
    5. Eat six times a day. Mine looks like this:
    7:30 - 30gramms of carbohydrates total.
    10:00 - 10 gramms of carbohydrates total. (An apple or a glass of milk)
    13:30 - 40g
    16:00 - 10g
    18:00 - 30g
    20:30 - 10g
    6. Learn the importance of and look up the glichemical index of everything you eat. Keep it low.
    7. Do not smoke. Smoking is pointless and it resets your health like a bomb.
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    I laugh at people who try to work out consistently but smoke more than they work out.

    Honestly, can't they think for one second?
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    4 and 5 is huge ass broscience,eating six times a day isn't beneficial,it only works for people who have the need to eat often and the only reason you should ever restrict carbs is because protein and fat have a bigger satiety factor.
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    Get your hands on some Pavel Tsatsouline pdfs or books.

    No "Feel the burn"/"muscle toning" and other minimally effective tv-shop new age garbage. I can't stress enough how far the bodybuilding and fitness crap has gone from true pursuit for physical excellence. Free weights, kettlebells and bodyweight training for the win.

    As for the nutritional stuff... People need to stop eating candy/chocolate/cookies/anything that isn't "real food". No soda/coke. I haven't bought any "non real food" in 6 years. I don't miss it, I don't need it. People also need to cut back on alcohol.

    The only useful (non-harmful) supplements are creatine, beta-alanine and protein for serious physical training.
  6. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The bandwagon is the best kind of dwagon. It bans.

    - The reason why you need to eat many times and less rather than once or twice and a whole lot is prose: your body prefers consistent and regular nutrition rather than being shocked with a dump of energy every so often.
    - The reason why you need to limit carbs is that they are luxury additions to natural nutrition and nothing like what modern society made them out to be in their refined, unhealthy massive doses.

    My source is medical science, bro. 20 years of healthy living.
  7. Qwark28

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    All that matters is cals in,meal frequency is irrelevant.

    Medical studies have proven that 6 meals a day is broscience,i don't know which studies you're reffering to and the proving continues with every IF user,visit the forum,just because 6 meals a day works doesn't mean it's working for the reasons you think.

    so because something is luxurious means it should be limited?cals in vs cals out,simple as that,it's just easier to do so with less carbs for some people.

    also if our body prefers constant feeding which is absolutely ridiculous then how the hell did the human race not go extinct?food was pretty damn scarce back then.

    still broscience.

    FTR,i'm talking about the 6 meals a day increases fat burnt myth,6 meals a day works perfectly well for individuals which prefer to eat frequently.
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    multiple meals per day is a myth. I agree. It has been disproved. Look it up on pubmed. The sudden dump in energy one feels is due to the shit content of the meal and/or the carbohydrate load. If you keep taking your insulin for a ride (read: multiple peaks and valleys) you're going to feel like shit. The absolute best way of increasing your lean mass is to in fact, keep your insulin levels low (on average) while spiking them at key points (as in post workout). When insulin is high, you cannot burn fat as effectively (to the extent of not at all).

    Carb restriction is a case by case basis. Some people do well (mentally and physically) with a low carb diet, others cannot function. That is something the individual needs to play around with. Cals in vs Cals out is over simplified (the human body is NOT a bomb calorimeter), but if you're a noob to fat loss and training, then its a good rule to stick to.
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  9. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The bandwagon is the best kind of dwagon. It bans.

    Yet again no. Your body has a rhythm of its own to which you need to adjust its nutrition. It is very much NOT irrelevant.

    Please link me to the study.

    Not interested in bodybuilding, sorry. The thread says fitness not bodybuilding.
    Bodybuilding's point is to build muscle mass.
    Fitness' point is to keep a healthy, physically active body. (in recent years it also involves psychological fitness according to concurrent study)
    They are kind of counteractive as one of them seeks to peak body performance while the other seeks to optimise it without putting much strain on it. Hardcore bodybuilders get huge and maintain a profile and then deflate like a balloon after a certain age unless they switch to actual fitness and manage to maintain a healthy physique gradually cleansing their body of the after effects of the strain.

    The term of luxury nutrition comes from an 80's study in which it has been proven (and not yet disproven to this day) that certain forms of malnutrition involve too much of the luxury calories. Which is why you want to limit them.

    Back when exactly? Biological need and evolutional survivability are not necessary to coincide for survival to be possible.
  10. Qwark28

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    Bodybuilding isn't solely focused on muscle mass,you build your body the way you want it,it's really crazy that people only compare it to the sport.

    Here you go.

    You're very misinformed.

    you need food to live long enough to evolve,billions of years ago humans weren't being feed every 3 hours,they had to hunt and were lucky to eat every once in a while hence why our bodies can go so long without food.

    also you can go ask in the bodybuilding forums why it's a myth if you're not finding the 5 links trustworthy (lol)

    also interesting how you try to shoot me down without even looking at the first links i posted,did you even bother clicking them?if so you'd have seen that it's actually the fat loss section.
  11. Actually the main reason why it is recommended to eat 6 times a day is simply because it becomes nearly impossible to fit the daily food into just three sittings.

    Personally, I just eat 3 meals a day with 2 super tiny snacks and make a huge smoothie for the rest.
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    This thread is making me hungry. Props to Qwark28, I've always heard by many different fitness "people" to eat 5-6 times a day. I never thought to actually research it, lol.
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  13. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The bandwagon is the best kind of dwagon. It bans.

    That's the easy way to explain it. But I did say the actual biological truth behind it above.
    Anyway, I gave one tip out of a quarter million out there. Maybe somebody will try it, maybe not.
    I find that most people simply don't care enough to bother. I've had to and I like to help but in my experience people usually just do not listen.
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    while this "could" be true if you are a pro athlete a la GSP, for the general population, 3 squares a day with or without snacking is all that is necessary...again, this is a personal thing. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Personally, I eat in a condensed feeding window, and I have no trouble at all putting away food. If you look at hunter gatherer models (which are the most accurate way of looking at the way our paleo ancestors used to live) they live very much on a fasting/feasting type of eating system. They are not fat, they are not sick, and they, in many circumstances have more muscle, are stronger and have more bone density that modern "westernized" civilization. Now, before someone accuses me of telling you to go hunt a mammoth, that's not at all the case, I'm not talking about historical re-enactment, I'm talking about context. This is a HUGE topic, and maybe deserves another thread.

    Point is ,if
    1) eating 6 times a day suits you and works, do it.
    2) if eating 3 times a day suits you and works, do it.
    3) if fasting 15 hrs and eating for 8hrs works, do it........get my drift?

    the human body is more than capable of adapting to a lot of eating types, and macro nutrient breakdowns (like the kitavans vs the inuit, both are extremely healthy).

    4) You cannot out work a shit diet.

    5) training Stimulus >> training duration
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