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The TYM Community Rules (Rv1.5, Updated 6/8/15)

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Tim Static

#1. Respect the mods/admins. We want you here, but this isn't your house, it's ours. We try to keep the rules clear. If you cross a line and get called out, take it like an adult. We reserve the right to edit out posts/comments that are clearly trolling, off topic or flat out offensive or derogatory.

#2. Be civilized. Please, handle yourself in an overall mature manner. Do NOT harass or flame any user/staff member. No discrimination of any kind. This especially includes racist, homophobic & sexist remarks. It will NOT be tolerated at TYM.

#3. Illegal stuff is illegal. This site is based in the United States so certain things cannot be allowed, such as linking to files that are illegal to download. This goes for any kind of files, such as arcade games, console games, MP3s, computer applications, etc. If a link points to this kind of file directly, or if a link points to a site that focuses on these sorts of illegal activites, action may be taken by a mod or admin. Any time a user posts such links he or she can be banned. Mistakes are human and the precise recourse will be decided on a case by case basis. THIS INCLUDES VIDEO GAMES AND THEIR STREET DATES!! If the game isn't officially released yet, keep videos, pictures, stream links and all things related OFF the site!! No excuses, and users who break this rule will be subject to bans & possible legal ramifications from the companies involved. OBEY THE STREET DATE!!

#4. Search first. If you are about to post a topic and you think 'Wow, I can't believe nobody thought to post this before!' then they probably did. If it has drifted back into the dark reaches of the forum, its probably for the best. Read over what was said, if you still have questions or comments, go ahead and post them, but maybe mention that you searched, you saw what was said and you needed to say something else about it.

Addendum to #4. Scan through topics before you post to them. If you just jump in at the end, you might ask a question that's already been answered or completely miss the point of what others say.

#5. If others can't read it, there's no point in typing it. Try your best to follow netiquette wherever possible and try to keep your posts legible. We understand that people are coming here from all around the globe, and naturally there will be times where typing isn't clear. That's totally understandable. But don't let laziness or rudeness be the cause of completely unreadable posts. That's just not cool.

#6. Remember the underaged and the at-work people. Do not post or link to pornographic images OR material. If a image or material is not pornographic but is not suitable for users under 18, or not safe for work, please specify in the thread title. No nudity on the forums, from avatars to signatures to any images posted on TYM.

Addendum to #6 As of August 12, 2013 we'll be taking a zero tolerance approach with users who post pornographic/nudity/X-rated material on TYM. If you post this kind of material on TYM, YOU WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM THE TYM FORUMS. PERIOD. DON'T POST IT! And if you see it posted anywhere on the forums, please report it immediately!!

#7. Signature limitations FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY: 450x150, no bigger. Only one image is allowed, and no gifs or any animated images are allowed in signatures. They slow down the site & affect the performance of our servers. And TWO LINES of text that fit within the size of the image, and in normal font size allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Violators will be infracted for this. (Premium Members have the ability to maintain signatures. If you want to have a signature, please purchase our Premium Membership.)

#8. No profanity in thread titles. This is completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

#9. Threats deemed serious will be dealt with swiftly. Making playful, game related threats is one thing. For instance it's ok if, in the process of hyping up for a big match you say something like "I will destroy you" or "My Jax is going to murder your Scorpion." But, if at some point someone makes a real life threat, they will be site banned, their IP address may be banned and logged and depending on the threat, their ISP and/or local authorities may be contacted.

Addendum to #9 Do not make a thread attacking or harassing another member of the site. Its immature & unnecessary, so if you have a problem with someone, contact them privately.

#10. No misleading thread topics or links. Your thread topics should reflect what is actually in the thread. Any descriptions you give of a links/hyperlink should be accurate.

#11. No quoting any post(s) with a lot of images. This takes up a lot of bandwidth and is also unnecessary. Try not to quote any pictures. When replying, remove the Image tags from the image's links.

#12. Multiple accounts are NOT allowed. You are allowed one account. If we find that you have made duplicate accounts for yourself, the duplicate account will be permabanned, and your main account may be infracted and/or permanently banned. The only exception to this is a “family” account in which if two or more users create an account under the same IP address. If you plan to create a family account, please, contact a member of the site staff and let them know ASAP.

#13. You will receive infractions for misconduct on this site. Different infractions carry a different number of points and those points expire sooner or later depending on the infraction. Once you build up 12 infraction points you are autobanned & will remain banned until the points expire and they are 11 or below. (We are still adjusting these, some may change without notice.)

#14. Issues with moderation should be taken up with a Mod via PM (aka Start a Conversation). No further description necessary.

#15. Point out issues to the Mods. Sometimes posters will use foul language in a lighthearted way. Because of this, mods will not always recognize if something is a slur that is actually very insulting. If you are the target of a slur that you find offensive, or feel rules are being broken, please REPORT the post and/or let a staff member know so the appropriate measures can be taken as needed.

#16. No advertising. If you've come here strictly to attempt directing our members to another website i.e. "competitor", it is not only disrespectful but it will also get you an infraction. This mainly concerns other sites, otherwise, advertising a band or movie is totally fine as long as it’s in its appropriate forum. If you are not sure, please ask an Admin or Forum General before you post.

#17. Conversations/Private Messaging System. The conversation, or Private Message (PM) system, is to not be abused in any way. This includes sharing or posting Private Messages in the public forums. Do not make a PM to spam, troll or incite arguments, fights and other ridiculous nonsense. Anyone abusing the PM system will get one (1) warning via Infraction, then if the violator does it again, will face a mandatory ban lasting up to one week. No exceptions.

Addendum to #17 - Leaking personal text messages from cell phones is as equally unacceptable as leaking private messages, since that also constitutes a violation of privacy. Any posts containing texts will be deleted and the offender will receive an infraction. Do NOT post them.

#18. Selling/Trading/Buying on TYM. We have a place just for selling items on TYM, and its called the TYM Marketplace. Be warned, the Marketplace comes with its own set of rules, so make sure you read them very carefully: http://www.testyourmight.com/threads/rules-of-the-tym-marketplace-read-before-you-post.343/ Violators will be punished accordingly.

Breaking any of these rules will constitute in an infraction. An infraction is a "warning" that can be handed out by our staff. These infractions carry points. These infraction point levels can range from "one" point to several points. Once the number of infraction points reaches twelve "12", you will be subject to a ban for the respective amount of time.

If you have any additional questions regarding TYM site rules, please contact any member of the site staff. Thank you.

Edited 6-8-15
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