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The timing on Cyrax's air-throw.

I can get a character into a mid-air falling/launching situation with Cyrax frequently... however, whenever I want to perform his air throw, it always misses. What kind of timing do I need to have for this thing to work? Is there a specific distance from the ground they need to be? :?


They can be very close to the ground since you can do Rax's regular throw then his air throw as they bounce. I think the timing is you have to hit LP earlier than it looks like you should need to.
I believe it's written as down, forward, block and then low punch as soon as you get close. I just do the low punch immediately after block and almost never miss it. I believe dreemer is correct.
Thanks guys... with your help, I've learned you have to really anticipate it more than it looks like it is on the screen. If that makes any sense.


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ÐarkMoon said:
yea cyrax's airthrow is Broken and doesn't work like it should.
I don't know if I'd say broken, but glitchy for sure...definitely works oddly
just spam the a button as soon as you have pressed d f bl , what I don't get is though jump kicks always seem to own the air throw before you land it. How sad.