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General/Other The Tale of Medieval Mace

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My mom tells me I'm pretty
Upon reaching Winner's Finals at Atlanta's 15th weekly scratch, Medieval Mace was faced against his most notable opponent, his master, Pig of the Hut. The match started gently as Pig of the Hut rubbed Medieval Mace's back and said "go0d luk :)" After a few brief tears, Medieval Mace and Pig of the Hut were able to begin their exhibition. Medieval Mace fought courageously, through tears, sweat, and mild heart attacks, and defeated Pig of the Hut. After accepting defeat, Pig whispered gently in Mace's ear "hey bud. u r awsum. i <3 u." Pig stood up, searching for a hug from the former Plastic Baton, but was intercepted by a Medieval Mace's "fuk off me pesant respekt ur elder scrolls"

Rip in pepperoni :(