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The Stakes Are High for Tonight's Kombat Cup

As the Kombat Cup: Road to LCQ roars full speed ahead toward a close, tonight marks the last of 3 weekly brackets to select a final 8 who will play it out for a trip to Chicago's Last-Chance Qualifier for Final Kombat. With a whopping 391 entrants, tonight is not only the biggest Kombat Cup yet, but it is also a critically important one -- because tonight, the 3 entrants who advance from bracket play will be the last ones to make Kombat Cup's Grand Finale on February 26.

So far, the qualifiers are: Grr and Kombat (Week 1), Kevo, Biohazard, and Sooneo (Week 2). In tonight's bracket play, a number of recognizable names have thrown their names into the ring, including Splash, SylverRye, Pulse, HoneyBee, Coach Steve, CURBOLICOUS, LoveThoughts (who showcased an exciting Kabal in last week's finals), and Burrito Vorhees (formerly known as Forever King Jr.).

With a bracket full of talented players from both the offline scenes, it's likely that we'll see some fireworks tonight though Wednesday, and some notable upsets are likely in store.

For more information, you can view the brackets here:
Kombat Cup Week #3 Brackets

And the stream will begin at 7 PM Eastern US time on Mr. Aquaman's channel:

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