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The Slips and Hippo Show Ep. 9 - The One About Our MK11 Impressions


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The @Slips and Hippo show is finally back from hiatus! We talk about the recent MK11 Kombat Kast featuring Kabal, and we answer some questions as well as give some general impressions of MK11 from our time with the game at the reveal event! Plus we’ve got some Rocky talk, a lot of general FG comparisons, and more! Reminder that we are available on iTunes, Google Play, or your podcast app of choice! Click the link below to get a direct download or copy and paste the RSS feed into whatever convenient for you!



00:00 - 03:15 (Intro, random Rocky talk)

03:16 - 6:24 (Kabal talk)

6:25 - 21:53 (Brief Kombat Kast recap, FG innovation)

21:54 - 41:42 (Our experience with MK11, what it’s similar to, thoughts on changes)

41:43 - 1:20:21 (Q&A about MK11 from TYM, e-mail, etc.)

1:20:22 - 1:30:48 (Wrap-up, Slips philosophy, geeking out)
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Salty Mashers Krew
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Great stuff gentlemen, good to hear a discussion primarily focused on gameplay rather than more aesthetic considerations like how the skins look etc.


Searching for an alt.
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happy to have ya'll back, good show so far, just gotta balance the audio levels haha