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The Slips and Hippo Show Ep. 15 - The One About The Summit of Time and Early Meta

Hey everyone, the @Slips and Hippo show is back to cover all things in the world of kompetitive Mortal Kombat 11! This week, Slips and I are taking a look at the recent Beyond the Summit event The Summit of Time, which featured a ton of high level play from some of the scene's best players and gave us a glimpse at the early game meta leading into Combo Breaker. We also talk shop, including expressing some love for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more classic game talk! A fun show as always, so please check it out.


As I mentioned I will be going to Combo Breaker, so if you see me, please feel free to say hi!


00:00:00 - 00:15:30 (Talkin' shop, Castlevania collection, console wars nostalgia)

00:15:31 - 01:38:45 (Summit of Time Recap/Covering the early MK11 meta)

01:38:46 - 01:42:24 (Wrap-up)
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Good show guys. Keep up the good work. Cant wait for the "post combo breaker" episode as there should be some juicy stuff to talk about.
Shark teeth is tekken master's training partner? That guy was a major asshole in the MK9 eu scene, constantly abused online lag w scorpion, ignored frame data and pretended like he's a legit player while sending hatemail to you.

Still listening to it, but it's nice to have some voices of reason in the opinionated shithole that has become of TYM.
I liked the point about frame data, and how sometimes it's about more than just a number. I feel like often times I'm too guilty of simply looking at the frame data and simply dismissing moves just because of the number, instead of going into practice mode to see how the move actually seems to play out.

I also feel like sometimes people get too caught up in how a game is "supposed" to work instead of dealing with the actual game in front of them. At some point it doesn't actually matter if something is working like it's supposed to or not, what matters is being able to either find a way to make it work for your benefit or find a way to play around it and deal with it.