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The Slips and Hippo Show Ep. 10 - The One About The Summit and Jade


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The Slips and Hippo Show reaches a milestone with episode 10! Join Slips and I as we talk about the recently revealed Jade, give our thoughts on the rumored list of folks to join The Summit of Time, and maybe even talk a little Klassic MK and other games. Fun show as always, so please give a listen! RSS feed link is below, but it will also soon be posted on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!



00:00:00 - 00:03:43 (Intro, Slips' Birthday)

00:03:44 - 00:19:27 (Kombat Kast recap, Jade and MK11 gameplay talk)

00:19:28 - 00:45:39 (Summit of Time/Twitter drama talk, community visibility issues)

00:45:40 - 00:49:06 (Brazilian MK11 Event match footage talk)

00:49:07 - 1:05:58 (Kustom or preset variations? The hosts weigh in!)

1:05:59 - 1:11:40 (Best uppercut in MK history?)

1:11:41 - 1:14:48 (Cheating the AI in klassic MK)

1:14:49 - 1:35:25 (Klassic gaming discussion feat. Castlevania)

1:35:25 - 1:36:29 (Wrap-up)
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Great episode! I like that section on variations. It was two people who sounded excited for the game, instead of complainers. That's why we need podcasts in addition to the forums.

Also, yes, everyone should try Castlevania. It's fantastic. Great soundtrack too.