The Slips and Hippo Ep. 11 - The One About the NRS Community and Reactionaries

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By KingHippo on Mar 7, 2019 at 12:18 PM
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    The Slips and Hippo Show is back for Episode 11! Join Slips and I as we talk about a bunch of goofy things going down in the NRS Community lately as well as recap the most recent Kombat Kast, which featured a host of reveals and a thorough runthrough of Kano and Cassie Cage for MK11. Great show as always, so check it out! Timestamps will be added later today!



    00:00:00 - 00:12:34 (Intro, catching up, retro game talk feat. Super Star Wars and Castlevania III)

    00:12:35 - 00:31:58 (Kombat Kast Recap for 3/6/19)

    00:32:00 - 00:38:03 (Which characters revealed are we looking forward to)

    00:38:04 - 01:07:18 (Discuss the recent flare-up of whether or not MK11 is too simple and address the bad faith arguments)

    01:07:19 - 01:37:41 (Fallout of recent drama with Tweedy and Raptor, how the NRS scene still needs to grow up)

    1:37:42 - 01:42:18 (Wrap-up)

    @HellblazerHawkman can we get the front page? Gracias!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by KingHippo, Mar 7, 2019.

    1. KingHippo
      Also forgot, friendly reminder that the show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, The Google Play Store, or your podcast listening app of choice via copy and pasting the RSS feed link from the Podbean page!
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    2. KingHippo
      Timestamps now up!
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    3. Killusion
      Yet again a great show! I feel like this should get much more love around here than it currently gets. Some really smart stuff is being said here folks, check it out!

      Also @KingHippo you are not a nobody. Didn't you get 7th at SoCal Regionals 2014? :p:cool:
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    4. Marlow
      This is awesome, I didn't realize it was available on iTunes.
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    5. KingHippo
      I mean why do you think I was invited to the Reveal event? :D
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    6. KingHippo
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    7. STORMS
      If @HellblazerHawkman doesn't get to it here soon, I'll do it.
    8. DownfouralitY
      Good episode, just finished listening actually, agreed a lot on the Tweedy and drama stuff. Hoping you guys both get into the stress test, would love to hear your overall thoughts after trying it.
    9. NothingPersonal
      I fully agree on the brady and m2dave segment, except brady has accepted his fate, but dave seems to still think he's somehow relevant. If Reo drops him, he's dead lol. He should. Very rarely, if ever, adds anything to reo's podcast.
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    10. KingHippo
    11. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      I always state what is on my mind. I could not careless about being relevant. People like REO and STORMS ask me to join their podcasts in order to voice my opinion, which, I am certain, angers many scrubs like you.

      As far as Hippo is concerned, he may as well be a spokesman for NRS. Very scarcely will he present any perspective that is unfavorable of the games (unless of course bashing zoning is involved). For this reason, I consider this podcast an NRS run podcast, full of propaganda and deception. I am grateful to Slips for having actual opinions and being fair to me, Tom, and Playing To Win despite Hippo's constant slander.
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    12. MagicMan357
      Great show. Literally everything Hippo said was on point, ive been here since mk9 days and youre spot on.

      Bunch of reactionary cry babies
    13. CrimsonShadow
      @Slips “They’re just being critical right now”

      When are the people in question ever not being supercritical? P2W basically goes from one 5-alarm fire to another on a constant basis. Dave has done nothing but rant and complain since 2014. And Tom is in a constant state of Developer Worry that cycles in on itself like the Skype-borne version of Inception. It’s bad.

      Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. If you say when this phase of “sky is falling” ends, or point out to me when it’s ended in the last few years, I’m all ears.

      I’m all for pointing things out when it’s really necessary. I remember that you disagreed with me when I questioned the implications of run + prevalence of 50/50 starters + longer-ranged strings and normals right after the launch of MKX (It wasn’t just Dave). You know that I’m willing to be straightforward even when it’s not painting a rosy portrait of the game. But this is just disingenuous.

      When it’s a form of complaining that never ends, it’s just a cancer on the community, and serves nothing productive.

      Imo it’s time for said cancer to end. Kudos to @KingHippo for calling this out.
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    14. Corruption100
      It doesnt end until they work on making the perfect fighting game. Then they can be satisfied.

      Complaints can get annoying when thats the main thing you hear from someone. But people like that rarely change because they feel right all the time. Main thing i dislike is the attacking of people if they disagree. It's childish to say the least. There should be discussions without arguments or trolling if they really care.

      Being new to tym it's crazy someones post history can be nothing but complaints and insults. Seems to be a safe haven for that shit
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    15. KingHippo
      Remember everyone, if you listen through Apple podcasts or iTunes, then make sure to leave a 5-star review! It helps it get noticed, and it's always good when our nonsensical ramblings reach a new audience!
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    16. NothingPersonal
      Nothing against you voicing your opinions, it's just most of the times they're bad. Also you're a scrub too, don't get ahaid of yourself :)
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    17. Espionage

      I actually agree with this. I may not always agree with M2Dave but Hippo's agenda was very clear on this episode and I am very glad Slips didn't take the bait. He actually understood the different viewpoints and wasn't biased. I actually respected Slips for his comments there.

      I don't like that Hippo felt it was okay to say Brady sucks and take jabs at PL.

      It was pointless drama when the podcast could of and should of stuck to the positive outlook or constructive criticism of the game.

      I did not like that part of the podcast at all. Being concerned about Glass Sword's feelings and Raptor's feelings and think that it's okay to say Brady sucks like he ain't got no feelings isn't a good example that you claim to be standing for on this podcast.

      No matter what you want to say about Brady he loves Mortal Kombat. He has been playing MKDA to prepare for MK11 and whilst I don't agree with his points. Saying that he sucks based on how he feels currently about the game was actually quite sad. Brady is an OG.

      For the record I don't agree with M2Dave's point on the depth narrative but I think he is entitled to his opinion and I don't think he claims to be a leader or an influence to the MK Community. I definitely don't think people are over reacting to the amplify THING but they just wanted for their character to feel unique. It wasn't so much about the depth more than the unique idea that it gave the possibility of identity not just in presentation but also in gameplay.

      16 bit has a great line for people that panic over a mechanic. He simply says "Calm down".

      I feel from Flawless Block, Krushing Blows, Short Hops, and the strategy around those mechanics will keep those wanting depth to keep coming back for more.

      I truly feel Dave will find his high execution in Krushing Blows and the strategies around that. I feel the Mind games behind the teching of throws and with two failed attempts of teching resulting in a Krushing Blow will definitely please high level players.

      I feel because of the meter system that Dave probably will have fun in figuring out how to zone effectively because it won't be brain dead zoning, plus MKX has taught him how to do a little rushdown too as has been seen with his Tremor in MKX.

      However loads of people get WORRIED and panic. It is not a big deal and hasn't effected the community. Like Shujinkydink always is concerned about mix up 50/50 characters. If you listen to any Bonehawk podcast that mentions a mix up he openly speaks about it and whilst he may not be as outward spoken about it as Dave, he expresses concern nonetheless. People are allowed to do that.

      If you follow Dave you will know he enjoyed Tremor in MKX so despite him having his opinions on the early meta he supports the game online.

      Good on Slips for supporting his former KTP affiliate cause it did nullify how petty that section of podcast was.

      The most interesting part of the podcast was actually the Retro games, Kombat Kast analysis and The Summit discussion.

      I was disappointed with this episode overall as it was spoilt by that unnecessary drama and hope in other episodes he can avoid that petty drama.
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    18. KingHippo
      You're entitled to your opinion about everything else, but I did want to point out here that "sucks" here was not used in the pejorative meaning "as a person," it was my harsh way of saying that Tom's viewpoints tend to come from his own limited ability at the more recent games. I actually commented in the podcast how I felt that the tradition of adding him to a Skype call when he's clearly in a not good place and kind of mocking it is a bad thing that shouldn't be done.
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    19. scoopington
      Who are you to determine the limits of someone else's ability? You realize ANYONE can be a top player with time and effort. Those are the only requirements. There's no "special gene" that enables someone to play a video game. I've literally never heard of you. Where are your results? None? Perhaps a result of your own limited ability? Hmm.
      Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
    20. Eldriken
      There's no gene, sure. But natural talent and skill aren't something everyone possesses.

      You're also being super aggressive for a new user. It's awfully suspect.
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    21. HellblazerHawkman
      Totally slipped my mine, late day bump
    22. Juggs

      That said, just because you have the talent doesn’t mean you will automatically be good or that you don’t have to train or do any work/research.

      And just because you don’t have talent doesn’t mean you can’t get good through training and dedication.

      The difference is that it’s usually easier for the talented gamers to learn a new game and learn it quicker. It’s kinda like being athletic. If you’re naturally athletic, sports and physical activities will come easier to you. But just like with literally anything, practice makes perfect. There’s very VERY rarely a player like SonicFox. He’s an anomaly... he’s our little furry king anomaly, lol.
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    23. KingHippo
      Damn, and I thought I was being nice. "Limited ability" at the more recent NRS fighters (Recent being like, idk, 5 years or so), not limited, period. I do agree that someone can be good with time and effort. Top player? A little tougher. My results don't matter because I've never said I was an authority on any matter, but they wouldn't anyways, because they shouldn't be the end-all-be-all when considering someone's argument.

      Without taking any of their previous placings to heart, I find that Tom and his oeuvre have piss arguments that don't pass merit, which I discussed on the podcast.
    24. Macdaddy
      Hippo is the most ironic user of the term "bad faith" I have ever encountered. And that is saying a lot.

      I can think of no other in the FGC who argues in such "bad faith"
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