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The Science of MKX: Variationless (by PND Ketchup & Mustard)


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
Another day, another amazing piece of content brought to you by the two and only, Ketchup and Mustard!

This time, everyone's tied-favourite-Englishmen, with Ketchup representing the inferior condiment but the superior cyborg (and one of the two to be personally excused of responsibility for the whole British-Empire-in-Ireland thing by me) return to MKX, discussing the place of variationless characters in the game.

As they note, variationless is generally an inferior way to play a character but it does have an interesting place in the theorycrafting aspect of the game.

The boys discusses how to select variationless, what to expect from your variationless character, what we glean from variationless characters and more!

What are you waiting for?

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F*ck Mournful
Was waiting for this. :p
Saw the video yesterday, very well done! I quite like this content and how it is presented. Makes someone like me understand how the games work better.


I smolder with generic rage.
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I don’t think variationless Kenshi has a wakeup because he has no push lol
Variationless Kotal doesn't have a wake-up either. Neither EX Pizza or EX air grab have armor.

But I've been considering using variationless Kotal after seeing Emperor_Aztec use him against HoneyBee and doing fairly well. He's still got all of his amazing buttons and the specials to add on the damage.

It also means he's almost -always- gonna be safe during his pressure because he doesn't really have anything unsafe to cancel into that could get blown up due to being blocked or the opponent making the right read.

So he can just keep pressuring you with his safe stuff until he either opens you up or you make the right read.

Yeah, it does limit his capabilities, but it also eliminates the potential for him to get punished for other things IE: a whiffed db2 in Sun God, a blocked EX db1 in War God, etc.

Most players that are worth their salt will know what to expect from War/Sun God going in because they know what to look for to punish in some way. By going variationless, you eliminate a lot of those expectations.

I think it adds another layer to the mindgames in matches.