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The ranked system in this game is deeply flawed.


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I've been playing a bunch of ranked lately, only about 80-90 games, but I've noticed a couple of major problems.

The breakpoint at which you're allowed to decline a match is at 151 Ms. For anyone who isn't familiar, that's exactly 9.5f of lag. It's completely unacceptable that I'm forced to play against people with up to 9f of lag.

But it gets worse. When you're matched with someone, what is shown is the best possible ping you could possibly have with that person. Meaning that when it shows you have 150 ms lag with someone, you're realistically going to have around 180 to 190, assuming a stable connection. So the system will sometimes force you to play at 13-14f of lag without giving you the option to decline because that's how it's designed.

It also doesn't have a connection limit, nor does it properly show you what your opponent is using, whether they're wired or not. Quite a few times I've ran into cycl6ne with which I have 220 ms, or forever elite at 150 which goes to 180. On top of that, I've ran into 4 people in 2 days of ranked where it doesn't show they're on wifi but the connection spikes constantly. It pretty much always happens when they're losing or you've knocked them down and I'm 200% sure they're lagswitchers but I doubt that in the 2-4hrs a day I play ranked I run into so many of them.

PSN doesn't let me report them, just block. Not sure if it does anything ingame, because I've matched with the same lagswitchers multiple times.

There's also the fact of MMR. Every match you win against someone near your rank is 8 points per game won/lost. You can expect to gain 22-26 per won FT3. The problem is that, if your opponent has a bad connection and you don't give them a rematch, the system counts it as if you lost the entire FT3. I've played against people with 110ms that keep jumping to 240ms+ like they're on wifi ( not that the game tells me ) and I've denied the rematch only to lose 25-40 pts.

Absolutely hate these issues atm, I can barely climb 50-70 points every few hours with a 80%+ winrate.
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Dude yes. I bet I’ve lost upwards of 50 matches because for some reason, I get matched with mostly people over 100 ping with WiFi connections. Why can I not set the ping limit? Why can I not deny matches against WiFi opponents? And why the fuck does the game match me with so many people with over 100 ping? I’m in the central United States. There should be a ton of people with decent pings. In other games I ping to the west coast around 80ms and east coast around 50ms. Why so many over 100ms, NRS? The only way that’s possible is if I’m matching with people in other countries.