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The One player who mains 39 characters

Over the last 9 years you have seen me highlighting Littlegirl's amazing Yun in many of my compilations, but what many ppl don't know is that LG is capable of playing every single character in Ultra Street Fighter 4 on a strong skill lvl.

LG is one of the most talented SF players on my FL I've been training vs since the release of USF4 & who showed me many cool tech & other stuff.
Littlegirl1994 is playing under these gamertags: FatherOfACEHack, SzxvEwzsTncxH, Xx1ppForTheWinxX, ImBoredWithSF4 and littlegirl1994.

Thanks to LG for the great gameplay and thanks for watching.



The world's least hype player
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Top notch play as always. I always look forward to some player highlights. Nice work bro