The "On Blast" Show With JamessMK & DarKNaTaS Ep11: Clan Wars Tourney

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    (Episode11 Preview)
    This episode will focus on the 1st annual OBS clan wars tourney.
    We will have various clan members on to discuss the tourney.
    We will also update people in more details about the rules of it.
    For more info about it please visit
    All this and more on the show Tuesday Night at 10pm Est!

    We will be taking questions over twitter & facebook and i will be reading them live on the show. So if you have any question please send them over to or

    (Special Note To All Websites)
    If any website puts our show on there front page we will add your banner/logo to our stream page and youtube page. Also we will plug your site and display your link in the info section during the show!

    (Side note)
    If your looking to put people On Blast then contact us and tell us your story. So we can have you on a future episode of our show! You can private message DarKNaTaS or jamessmk or The On Blast Show twitter page!

    Please visit Trip Sessions FB page and click like. They are the ones making the music, videos, shirts and other things for the show!

    (The On Blast Show YouTube Archives)
    You can now subscribe, like, comment, share and watch past episodes on our YouTube page

    (Last Week Episode10)
    Guests List: Katalin Zamiar, Emp Triforce, KFrog, NYChrisG, Bifuteki & Calvin Spencer

  2. jamessmk

    jamessmk I am your god

    OBS 9/11/12 Online tournament
    The tournament will span over a few weeks. There will be $$ for the winner as well as Swag. We will say 50 to start and it will probably grow. Keep it mind through out the tournament your team or clan may face other challenge. ????? Are you up for it?

    Rules :
    1. Matches are 3 out of 5
    2. The tournament will begin 9/11 at 10pm When announced on "The On Blast Show"
    3. You will have until the next Episode of the Show to Complete your match. No Excuses
    4. Character Lock on winner
    5. Obvious we all know by now no Kratos or Whack ass Backgrounds
    6. You must determine and agree on lag factor at button check. Once the match is started it can not be stopped or undone.
    7. Payout will be for the person or team that beats my Shao Kahn?
    8. Final Match is 2 out of 3 no longer 3 of 5
    9. It is up to you to announce to me what players are playing in your said match.
    10. If you advance in your match you are not "player" locked. Which means if you advance you can replace clan member with another clan member on your tem
    11. Winning team must report to me results of match by next episode
    12. Save all those lag tears for when someone passes away. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THEM
    13. Finally, You Lose and you are gone, hasta la vista, hasta luego, nada mas, good bye
    14. Handicapped matches, will be played and rule will change as deemed. I will let you know of any changes
    15. Good Luck All

    It appear some teams have drop or disappeared. I will take filler teams you must contact myself or Darknatas via

    Facebook - jamessmk, darknatas, or The On Blast Show
    Twitter @jamessmk , @DarKNaTaS , @Theonblastshow
    MKU-PM jamessmk or Darknatas
    TYM-PM jamessmk or Darknatas

    I will check around and be in the shadows, so if you got what it takes and nothing to lose. SHow me some skillz

    Good Luck All

  3. Goldy

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    Put me in for $20.

    I have faith in STB <3
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  4. DarKNaTaS

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    we got a few hours left till the show starts
  5. K7L33THA

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    Why no Xbox :(
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  6. DarKNaTaS

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    I was wondering the same thing maybe next time
  7. DarKNaTaS

    DarKNaTaS Retired!

    The show is now live with lots of blow ups happen tonight! Be sure to tune in!
  8. Miss Kanzuki

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    Ok both leaders agreed to do a FT5 instead of 3 of 5 because of the short numbers on each side.
    Here's the results:
    EMPEROR vs. STB : 5v5 War
    EMPEROR SCAR (5) | STB GR8ONE06 (1)​

    GGs STB!! My apologies James I know you wanted a cat fight in the war (after I finished motioning the war, and checking in with the other leaders, Goldfish and I got in some "introductory" games after the war,..I look forward to our serious FT5 soon..I sent you a friend request, ADD! lol) but ultimately we want at the Crazy 88's next so we planned days ago that we wanted to win this war in hopes that we get paired with them. Make it happen James! ;)
  9. The 88s need to go up against the EMPs now, you guys look like you might be the only ones that can hang with us.
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