The On Blast Show Ep18: Hurricane Sandy

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    (Episode18 Preview)
    Due to everything that has gone on in the east coast​
    We will have a open mic night for every to speak on whats currently going on.​
    We will touch on MLG Dallas thats happen this weekend. ​
    If any1 wants to come on the show and share there experience with Hurricane Sandy​
    Just hit me up and i will bring u on the show! ​
    All this and more on the show Tuesday Night at 10pm Est!
    (Questions Updated)
    We will be taking questions over twitter & facebook and i will be reading them live on the show. So if you have any question please send them over to or ALSO WE ARE NOW GONNA TAKE QUESTIONS ON THE FORUMS TOO SO PLEASE LEAVE A QUESTION!
    (Special Note To All Websites)
    If any website puts our show on there front page we will add your banner/logo to our stream page and youtube page. Also we will plug your site and display your link in the info section during the show!​
    (Side note)
    If your looking to put people On Blast then contact us and tell us your story. So we can have you on a future episode of our show! You can private message DarKNaTaS or jamessmk or The On Blast Show twitter page!​
    Please visit Trip Sessions FB page and click like. They are the ones making the music, videos, shirts and other things for the show!
    (The On Blast Show YouTube Archives)
    You can now subscribe, like, comment, share and watch past episodes on our YouTube page
    (Last Week Episode17)
    Guests List: John Turk (Sub-Zero), Pherleece, DJ L Toro, Tom Brady, Derptile, Pig of the Hut & GamerBlake90​
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    I like the description "open mic night," as if y'all would tell someone they cant come on the show, lol.
  3. DarKNaTaS

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    going live in a few mins

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