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Discussion in 'Atlantic South' started by Somebody, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Somebody

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    I know there's already an official Florida thread, but most of those players are namely from the southern and central part of it. And from the pan handle, those places can be quite a drive. Which is cool for tourneys, but not for casual meets, etc. That's why there's a SoCal and NoCal right?

    Anyways, seeing the popularity that Florida is getting for MK and knowing that their used to be a group called "The Panhandle Gamers" though they mainly played Brawl I know there's people out there.

    So anyone from Tallahassee to Pensacola speak up. Let's show what these southern Florida peeps what's up.
  2. SuperMnC

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    So what youre saying is, is you want to divide us. Make something similar to SoCal and NoCal. A SoFlo and a NoFlo (lol, it is catchy) if you will and see which side of FL is better as opposed to just being strong as a whole? Sorry dude, I dont think i entirely agree with this thread. Or I dont think youre going about it the right way. Having a thread where you can get people who live closer to you meet up more often for casuals and what not I totally get, but saying stuff like "Let's show these southern FL people what's up" almost sounds like you want to split us apart and start a civil war haha. If I'm not mistaken SoCal and NoCal are always trying to prove which side is better, and in my opinion, I think we need to show the world we're stronger as a whole. Thats just me though, you can obviously do what you want, I'm just throwing my two cents in.
  3. Somebody

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    I don't mean it in a demeaning way, just friendly competition. I guess it was better to say, "Let's show SoFlo they're not the only ones." I have respect for a lot of the players from SoFlo, and I would enjoy to play with them some time or another. But as I said before, it's quite a drive. And online play is just not the same as offline.

    I namely made the thread just so the panhandle can start some of their own casual meet-ups. And if it gets big like the Tampa area has then of course their will be competition between both sides. Human nature. Sorry if I offended anyone with that. Was just trying to spark a little interest to those who are located on the panhandle.
  4. I'm a resident of the gulf, and I'd like to see some casuals in the area. It's a bit difficult to find the time to make it all the way to the southern meets in the state. This will hopefully bring more locals into a higher level of competition. Come on guys, lets see some support.

    Report in Pandhandle fighters.
  5. SuperMnC

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    There was no offense, I was just a little thrown off. My bad yo =D And like I said, i understand that you wanna make a thread for people closer to your area cuz if youre anything like me, you dont have the money to travel a lot. So, sorry if my post sounded a little hostile, i didnt mean for it to be. There was a guy lookin for people to play with in the panhandle in the main FL thread.
  6. That would be me.
  7. Wraith

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    I'm from the panhandle of Florida myself (Panama City), and was excited to see this thread. Trying to find some offline casuals is very hard in this area and driving south just to play some MK is rather counterproductive to my current schedule. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

    Panhandle fighter checking in...
  8. Somebody

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    'S all good Super.

    Fort Walton area here Wraith. As is Mutton.
  9. I$AAC

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    Premium Supporter

    As much as I like to keep all of FL in one spot I can see why this was created. The FL Thread was to get all FL players together for MK. But with the number of Cental and South Florida players that post there I can see how the North FL players would get "lost in the shuffle" so to speak. So I'm ok with this thread being made. I just don't want it to get out of hand and have like 6 FL threads up.

    This is a good sign cause this means FL is growing.

    Also if you have Facebook, join the Mortal Kombat Florida group!!/groups/195185573869546/
  10. Somebody

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    Just joined. Off to Dcon next month hopefully GA Tech's scene will be there. So far the panhandle seems like a dud. But hopefully I'll see you guys in some tourney spots. Be lookin' for us.
  11. I'm a pensacola resident.

    Call me up or text me to play offline sometime...


    EDIT: I have no facebook and i will never make one.
    If I take too long to respond I spend most of my time on TRMK. With the exact same alias.
  12. Somebody

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    Close to the beach Critical? Mutton and I live off 98 towards Mary Esther.
  13. Somewhat. I'm like 40 minute drive from Mary Esther I believe. depends on traffic. Like It only takes me about 2hours and 20 minutes to drive to panama city from where i'm at.

    I usually use 98. I have friends in Ft walton, and Mary esther. So I know how to get there. I've used 98 to get to alot of tournaments.

    I'm always off Saturday and Sunday. Perfect for tournaments :D. Perhaps if SFL has a tourney. We can carpool there.

    If we get to meet in person, we should discuss creating a scene here. we can try and find a venue. and we'll mass advertise it anywhere we can. Then run it. get everyone's info. Then BAM NFL community. plenty of players out there that don't visit forums. I went to a Panama City Play N Trade tournament. Only like 10 people there, but... that's 10 people who are interested in competitive tournament. Imagine if we can get like 10 in PC, 10 in Tally, 20 in destin/ftwalton/Mary/navarre ect. 10 in pensacola.... then we're swimming in good competition in time.
  14. Somebody

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    Sounds good to me. Yeah Mutton and I are kind of new to the area. Just moved in from Atl. Not sure where there's tournament's, etc. Went to a little convention at UWF sometime in October last year. There were a handful of SF and BB players there. Not many good BB but SF looked decent. Anyways I'm sure there's MK people there too.

    I'll give you a text. We'll set this up. I'm usually working on Sat and Sun but we'll put something together.
  15. I'm driving down to destin today. If your off later this evening I can stop by to play if you send me a text.
  16. Mankosuki

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    Another Pensacola player here, friend of Critical-Limit.
  17. Damn manko already made an account lol.
  18. Somebody

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    There's a convention at NWF in October. Went last year and there were quite a few people playing SF4, Brawl and BB. So I'm sure there will be MK. It's only $5 to get in Sat. and Sun. How 'bout we get a group going for this?

    Oh another 5 for tournies. But there's a lot of free to play.
  19. KingRey

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  20. TyrantRevolver

    TyrantRevolver Darkwave Digital

    Tallahassee, FL player here. As of right now myself and a handful of others get up for casuals on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Drop me a line if you're interested and want to touch base.
  21. Keywestboi

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    Anyone in Gainesville?
  22. You're closer to central Florida than the panhandle go try the actual FL you might have better luck

    I'd love to stop by some time but Tuesday and Thursday will forever be impossible
  23. TyrantRevolver

    TyrantRevolver Darkwave Digital

    Occasionally we break from that schedule and do a saturday or sunday - if you give me an idea of what times you're available we may be able to work something out from time to time so we can get you in the game =)
  24. KingRey

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  25. TyrantRevolver

    TyrantRevolver Darkwave Digital

    We have a group of tournaments at our local Gamescape in Tallahassee in the Tallahassee Mall on Saturday, Oct 29th. You guys should try to make it if you can, most of my MK players will be there. Here's the information pulled from gamescapes forum:

    Saturday October 29th, Tallahassee FL,

    Tourney sign ups from 11-12pm

    Most tourneys will be run on 360 except for Mortal Kombat which will be on PS3. Bring your own controllers. We will need Systems with DLC and COpies of games if at all possible!

    Venue fee - 5 Dollars
    Entry Fees
    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: $10
    Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10
    Mortal Kombat 9: $10 (All Character's Legal)(PS3)
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: $5

    For each game 1st place gets 70% - 2nd 20% - 3rd 10%

    Start Times
    12pm MvC 3
    1pm MK 9
    2pm 3S

    3pm SSF4 AE

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