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The New Spinal


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So I'm just gonna copy and paste Spinal's changes directly from the KI forums...


Color and skull logic:
Spinal’s attacks have been color-coded to more clearly show what does what: Green attacks give you skulls, Blue attacks curse the opponent’s Shadow Meter, and Yellow attacks curse the opponent’s Instinct Meter.
  • Any time Spinal hits with a ghostly attack (green) he gains one skull.
  • Searing Skull (with skull stock) projectiles are now colored Blue.
  • Shadow Searing Skull’s projectile is now colored Yellow.
All of spinal's green attacks now reward one skull. That includes:
  • Hitting with Crouching HP
  • Hitting with any Spectral Manual
  • Searing Skull (no skull stock)
  • Spinal’s throw
Other changes:
  • Crouching Medium Kick no longer sweeps and is now cancelable.
  • Shadow Bone Shaker is now projectile immune.
  • Throw Range increased slightly.
  • Shadow Searing Skull applies its curse on the 1st hit instead of the 5th.
  • Divekick causes a Ground Bounce when hitting an airborne opponent.
New skull use option:
  • Spinal can now cancel all normal attacks (except c.HP and c.HK) into his run at the cost of 1 Skull.

The fools buffed the hell out of him. I'm not a big fan of (and by that I mean I absolutely hate) the color changes to his skulls. They all should be that ghostly green. I hope they change that back....

But everything else, DAMN. I get a skull when I AA with crouching heavy? Yes please. Spectral manuals give me a skull now? You're too kind. Shadow Bone Shaker is projectile immune? It's about time, but I feel like you're making this too easy. And I'm keeping my pants on until I see just how much the throw range was increased, but I am unbuckling my belt.

Kinda sad about c.MK no longer sweeping but at the same time I'm cool with it because now I can't accidentally sweep them when I try to start a combo :D. The "canceling a normal into run" thing seems like a neat little wrinkle. Curious to see if/how it gets implemented into his game.

Anyway, I like these changes. I thought Spinal was perfect the way he was and now that he's been given more stuff to play with I feel like he has the potential to REALLY wreck shop. What do you guys think?
i think run cancels in instinct will be hilarious and people will get very frustrated and start throwing out random DPs lol


I'm really looking forward to the changes for Spinal. I can't wait to try the run cancel out.
....aaaaaaand thank you for the projectile immunity . :D


So, spinal uses skulls to cancel his teleport recovery, and has more ways to get skulls now. Am I alone in thinking it's BS he can use shadow meter to do it too?


Dropper of Bass and Bombs
So, spinal uses skulls to cancel his teleport recovery, and has more ways to get skulls now. Am I alone in thinking it's BS he can use shadow meter to do it too?
What do you mean? Even with a skull you can still grab him out of any special he uses, shadow or not, with the exception of shadow Searing Skull I believe (even though I swear I've both thrown and been thrown out of it)


Huh, didn't know. Seeing as throw is 4 frames and glacius down LP is 4, that should work too? I guess I'll test it out anyways.


Dropper of Bass and Bombs
Yeah, even with a skull to cancel with naked teleport isn't that great. Mashing a quick jab will also knock him out of it, but since most good Spinals won't teleport unless they fire off a skull to cover themselves, a reactionary throw is probably your best bet since you won't get hit by the skull during a throw animation.