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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by ismael4790, May 21, 2018.

  1. in my experience i never played in such a shitty toxic community than mkxl and im a CS player since beta 7.
    I also played Dota 1 and 2.

    imo inj2 was less toxic but thats my experience.

    Capcom games seems to be more friendly for the times i played SFV
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  2. ^Absolutely this. You actually don't need fancy research to recognize that this is happening, it's simple observation.

    The average human being is not intelligent, and in our instant gratification society, critical thinking is simply in heavy decline because people don't need to or want to think for themselves.

    It's very sad, concerning, and laughable all at the same time.

    Look at the average internet forum, and you'll see this in spades for all age groups. How often do you see people not just trying to force their opinion as fact on people, but actually arguing against actual, established facts? Happens all the time because they can't make the differentiation between opinion and fact.

    A few weeks ago I had an interesting forum exchange with a poster on the StarCraft: Remastered General Forum. He was trying to present as fact that StarCraft II is not an RTS and it's not a sequel to Starcraft simply because he didn't like the changes they made in how it felt and played. That's factually incorrect, but when you tell him that, lordy, lordy, the ignorance that spews forth!
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  3. Marlow

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    I think part of the issue is that often time’s toxic behavior is rewarded, and isn’t really deterred. Responding with toxic behavior is a pretty well established human response to stress, anger, and disappointment. This shows up not only in video games, but all parts of society. Just look at things like politics, entertainment, and religion.

    In the past though, people had to deal with the public repercussions. Now, if someone is toxic over the internet, the fact that they get to enjoy a high level of anonymity means they don’t suffer any negative consequences. The toxic player gets rewarded with the mental stimulus of being toxic and getting attention. Some players even get rewarded by more viewers on their twitch or youtube channel, just for being toxic. There’s just not that much drawback. And other players see this behavior and start to mimic it.

    I don't think it's just isolated to things like MK or FGC, I think it's a larger social issue.
  4. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    That is so damn true dude. I had similar scenario a few weeks ago myself. I had an argument with someone on the comment section of a YouTube video about if Mileena should come back in MK11, and he claimed Mileena shouldn't come back in MK11 because she was supposedly in 4 MK games in a row already, yet he purposely excluded MK Vs. DC which didn't include Mileena, and he claimed that since it was a non-canonical crossover game, it wasn't a main MK game but only a spin-off game like MK:MSZ, MK:SF and MK:SM (and only the final of those three game were non-canon) so that doesn't count. So he basically kept denying that MK Vs. DC is a main game just to justify his argument about Mileena to not come back for MK11, to even call MK Vs. DC "obsolete" (while he could say the same thing for all of other MK games and he purposely didn't for obvious reasons), and he tried to force his claim on me, despite that being factually incorrect.

    So true indeed.

    I will add, that the internet has become crueler and more toxic over the years, but for better or worse, at that. Because now it is easier to know how seriously you can and should take the people on the internet, and therefore, to where and when to find the nicer people and people you should give attention to.
  5. @Roy Arkon Yup, I feel your pain man. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe might not be regarded as the best game in the franchise, and it's not canon to the main storyline, but it's the 8th fighting game in the franchise; that's actual fact.

    What I love about those keyboard warriors who try to force their opinions as fact is that if they just changed the wording of what they're saying a little, what they're trying to say would be presented better and not factually incorrect.

    For my example, had the guy said "StarCraft II feels so fundamentally different over the original game, and more fast paced to me that it doesn't feel like Starcraft. I don't like the game because I think it's a poor sequel." that would be 100% fine. He's not contradicting actual fact and is clearly stating his opinion, and a valid opinion since we're talking in a subjective manner anyway.

    I even told him this and worded it out for him, but nope, clearly actual facts are wrong and I'm ignorant!

    For your example, I'm guessing if he said "I don't feel Mileena should return in the next game because she's been in the last four main story games and I think a break from the character would be good," there wouldn't have been an issue, since it's a good way of expressing opinion and not attempting to contradict actual fact?

    Ultimately, how did you handle the situation? For mine, I simply kept repeating actual fact, and even quoted a few sources, and even dumbed it down to bullet point form for simplicity's sake. I blatantly told them that's as simple as I can present established facts, and if you still are unable to understand that, well...
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  6. Raidenwins

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    It's called human nature and it is not exclusive to MKX or fighting games or online games, or even gaming in general. Don't use a mic and when you go into a King of the Hill room automatically mute everyone. It will greatly enhance your gaming experience.
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  7. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    Well basically he just said that MK Vs. DC doesn't count because it as it is "not a main game" due to it being crossover and also being "trash", so we went back and forth a little while I explained why it does count and why it is a main game as well as explaining about the quality of MK Vs. DC a little bit, s, yet he only kept denying that MK Vs. DC is a main game and said it doesn't count, so after a while I even brought up other game like IJ and MVC to further my explanations, and then I said that there is no point arguing anymore as we went off topic for too long (the original topic was Mileena of course). I also said in one of the earlier posts that if he can't except these facts then it is his problem, yet that wasn't enough. And that's was pretty much it.

    Also totally right about the wording, too bad it doesn't happen that often.

    That is very true, unless of course if you're in a KOTH room with friends you know you can trust, that will be the exception.
  8. Yeah, imagine an internet were people would.
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  9. Marlow

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    I think the best thing you can do is just don't tolerate that garbage. If someone is being toxic, just finish the match, quit, and then block&report. If you play a good match with someone, let them know.
  10. Absolutely this as well, and that goes for multiplayer games, forums, and even social media. It also applies to real life in a way. Sometimes we let people into our life who are toxic, and typically life improves a lot if we distance ourselves from said people.
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  11. MKF30

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    Honestly, this will always exist with horrible sports, players online no matter the game. It's not exclusive to MK, or Injustice, I've played SF, Tekken, Smash, COD, Halo, Racing games, etc online. And have been screamed at or encountered toxic people there too. I hate the kids that just scream too...God, this seems to happen in every game now.
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  12. ismael4790

    ismael4790 Stay focused or get Caged

    To add something, sometimes it doesn't matter how do you approach the players, the hostility is guaranteed.

    This week made the experiment of saying something like "Ggs, was a nice session, hope we play again" to literally everyone immediatly after playing, and guess what...still got insults lol
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  13. That, sadly, is also not surprising, and for sure is not just limited to Mortal Kombat XL. Some people actually see that as an insult, that you're actually "disrespecting" them since you won.
  14. MKF30

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    lol See to me I agree that while he's being respectful, people would take that as a diss(not sure why) I mean I can see if you body someone 10-0 or 23-2 and say "hey GG's you're great at this game" lol but I have met people online who are like "GG's" in general, I don't think they care much after that. Then you have the haters that curse you out, and people who say nothing at all. Personally, I block people who insult, scream at me on the mic as I know if I ignore them and not block them they'll just spam me with messages.
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  15. ROG Moonspell

    ROG Moonspell "The Assasination of Julius Caesar"

    I did put a lot of time into MK9 and I gotta say I never really got that feeling. Even though I was playing Kabal and later on Skarlet. The amount of love mails was not that big of a deal.

    Now within MKX the salt and massive idiots yelling through the mic is something that do happen. Even though I did not spent even half the time i did with MK9 I can say there are some wacks online. I do enjoy playing late at night during weekends. Always able to find someone to talk to while playing, drinking and doing some other fun things :) That is the fun part about this game, even though we dont really play it competitively anymore.
  16. Sutter Pain

    Sutter Pain Your mothers main.

    From my experience NRS games MK9, Ij and MKX was the most toxic and saltiest. I played and have played just about everything besides arcsys games and none of them came close. That is just my experience it doesn't bother me personally and I am sure other peoples may be different.
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  17. CrimsonShadow

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    You have to learn to be fed by people’s salt. It means you’ve already won.

    Then this situation will become amusing instead of disressing to you.

    Now, when people ragequit or complain on the mic/messages I have a good laugh and move on. Not taking random ragers too seriously goes a long way.

    Also, play Overwatch. Trying to get 6 strangers to communicate and coordinate when the pressure is on will make you strong enough to survive any online game :cool:
  18. @CrimsonShadow I don't find ragers distressing at all, more sad and laughable. Usually it means you've won, though sometimes it's someone full of themselves being a jerk.

    One thing I liked about playing Mortal Kombat X on the PC was public voice chat wasn't a thing; so it was a pretty quiet and focused experience.
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  19. MKF30

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    lol it's funny you mention overwatch, had the game traded it in for credit for I2 haha. But wasn't into it, I watched my friend play it who loves that game, he was insanely serious, screaming at the team he was with(his friends) to work better, I was like damn dude...it's NOT that serious calm down lol.

    I still remember way back during Halo 2/MK Deception days. Halo 2 my friends and I were playing for searching capture the flag, we played these guys who were hacking us...and trying to talk shit. Game started we heard "Blue team captured the flag, Red Team scores" like 3 times in 5 minutes we were like WTF? lol we reported them but seriously to me that was the saddest thing I've encountered or one of them besides the pullers in MK lol.
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  20. Gooberking

    Gooberking T7's Worst Player

    I mostly lose, but then get "you suck, so go die" messages anyway. What is that? Just take the win man.
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  21. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    Perhaps, it's a matter of trees being taller and grass being greener back then. Not sure, but I'd consider that as a possibility.

    Taking advantage is only a part of it. Not truly seeing a human behind online interaction, picturing him in a manner that befits your current mood (sometimes very upset) does a lot in that regard.
    It's not online only problem either. It's just easier to dehumanize people when you have even less information about them than you do about random strangers on the street you can sometimes have an unfortunate interaction with.

    That said, I do think that particular game you play has something to do with how frustrating is to lose. It may be personal to an extent, but certain game elements tend to elicit more "shit, that was unfair" reactions than "damn, that was a good play / that was my fault", on average. There are always extreme cases ofc. This is somewhat individual.

    I was going to also post this, but you did it first. I agree here. Besides, not all team games provide you with enough info to track what and when went wrong (think FPS or, sometimes, one of those games about vehicular combat), especially in the heat of the moment, so exactly when people get salty. You may not be able to make a correct judgement on whether or not something was really your fault.

    Heh, I don't play Overwatch, but this is so common across different games. You've just reminded me that I've spent most of my Fractured Space "career" flying goddamn healers, and most of my MMORPG time building healers/tanks, or at least toolboxy characters. It was that, or getting constantly stuck in queues waiting for someone who could take the role.

    It helped though that I liked seeing immediate results of my actions rather than large numbers floating over opponent's heads :p

    Maybe you weren't playing cheap characters back in MKX? :p
    Okay, just kidding.

    Does it account for possible explanations, such as more people having access to those tests (or said tests being better at tracking results) in the first place?
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  22. LarSanity

    LarSanity My sword thanks you

    I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago playing injustice 2, its weird how different people are in both games. In mkx it felt like 80% people talked shit, send terrible messages, rage quit among other things. Injustice to me was the opposite maybe 20% acted this way.
    It could also have to do with my mains with kenshi hes a zoner and I got alot spammer messages, where as green arrow I could use every range and people accepted losses better idk.
  23. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon I will leave my seal on you!

    If anything it is only individual. Every game is gonna have those moments and elements that can get that reaction out of you, it is not something to only some particular games, and you need to realize when the game is truly unfair and when the game only seems as such while in actuality it is not. If you can't deal with a certain game and blame the elements in that game automatically without figuring out stuff , then it's only you being either less mature or less informed. I myself always remind myself to never blame the game or the characters in any game I play when I lose in a a frustrating fashion. I can blame the connection if it really sucks, but the game itself or the characters, I never blame, only myself. And if s certain game does feel out of my liking too much, I just drop the game, as it's not that the game that is unfair, it's just that I don't like playing it as much as other games, and I know others will have a better time play those games then me, and they will have those same issues playing the games that I like playing.
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  24. LarSanity

    LarSanity My sword thanks you

    I guess thats something I forgot was when Mkx released the connections were terrible and basically a crapshoot of who won. MKXl and injustice 2 fixed that for the most part so when I lost it felt like I lost cause the other person was better and not what works best in 250 ping lol
  25. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    That’s probably a big part of it too

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