The Mortal Kombat 1-3 Trilogy Arcade1Up cabinets coming this year!

Discussion in 'Myths, Fanlore and Finish Him!' started by BanTheTesters, Jan 9, 2019.

By BanTheTesters on Jan 9, 2019 at 11:07 PM
  1. BanTheTesters

    BanTheTesters #TeamBoRaiCho for Mk11!

    It's BanTheTesters here with a little piece of old school news as It looks like user @MK9 has brought to our attention that new cabinets for the original Mortal Kombat trilogy (games 1-3) are being made! Doing a bit of research via Distructiod's article they will be Mini version of the cabs!


    According to Destructoid the cabinets will be 3/4 in scale and use 17'' LCD screens. The price point for these babies will be $300.


    Personally i cant WAIT for these thing...i might just get one of UMK 3 or MK II if its a while supplies last type deal. What do you guys think? Give us your thoughts below in the comment section and let us know which one you guys might be looking to pick up!


    Please front page @HellblazerHawkman or @KingKhrystopher
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Discussion in 'Myths, Fanlore and Finish Him!' started by BanTheTesters, Jan 9, 2019.

    1. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      i should buy one or two of these!
      it wont happen tho since i am from eu T____T
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    2. MKF30
      Damn, I could have sworn one link said MK 4 was included with this. But still looks sick, will still get and that Space invaders and Karate Champ look sick. I just got Final Fight on the Capcom beat em up collection on switch is awesome so I'll probably pass on that.
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    3. BanTheTesters
      Very cool! How are the cabs? Are they decent? I wasn’t sure if they are super small etc...and it also looks like the old school rampage has/will have a cab as well!
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    4. MK9
      The actual cabinets are fine the stand 4ft tall, u can buy an optional riser to make it stand up height.

      The controls for wave 1 were ok, they are updating them, but either way a simple mod if you don’t like it.

      The SF cabinet didn’t run on MAME it ran on a Program called MOO. I never heard of it but they say it’s an upgrade from Mame. I believe mk will use the same hardware so hopefully it will fix the sound issues on umk3.

      There is also a usb hack, so someone with these skills can prob add the upgraded rims, I would think.
    5. Saltea Moonspell
      Saltea Moonspell
      we cen work this out, somehow bro!
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    6. MK9
      This is not a US only product, these are overseas also.
    7. gongfuren
      I'm wary about these cabinets after watching this:

      I'd rather just build my own Vigolix and throw in a Raspberry Pi.
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    8. Aramonde
      Just to warn people the parts in these cabs aren't high quality. If you play this cab hard like an original cab the sticks will wear out.
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    9. MKF30
      Some people have had some issues with the joysticks at times, but otherwise they're pretty awesome. My local gamestop has the SF and another one near by had the Rampage one, both were pretty awesome and responsive. I just hope with the MK one we get the baseball bat sticks and not the lollipop but guess we'll see!
    10. MK9
      These are novelty items, if you want something arcade perfect than go spend 1000 on the real thing.

      No emulation runs perfect, that guy is an idiot. These cabs run on Mame. They do not have original style motherboards.

      If you want top quality joysticks than replace them.
    11. EdFig81
      They need to go with the classic sticks. I'm buying this and feel I shouldn't have to mod a 300 cabinet smh. Get the correct sticks and not that ball pos
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    12. MK9
      It comes with bat tops, when I say mod, I mean if you want top quality. Your not paying only 300 and getting top of the line parts.
    13. Konqrr
      I really hope they worked out the sound issues they had with the SF cabinet for this release.
    14. MK9

      Long time kel, and the Mame sound issues.

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