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The MKX Faction War begins next Tuesday!


Falls down too much
So when I chose my faction in the mobile game, it doesn't chose for the console game as well?


Sheeva, Kotal, Jacqui.
I hope they balance this so that the overwhelming amount of Lin Kuei don't always win due to numbers alone.

Also I don't know who to pick, I'll probably side with whoever has the sickest fatalities after I max them all out.
I'm repping the Brotherhood of Shadows first, but I'm going through all of them for achievement purposes. I'll ultimately chose whoever's faction kills the appease me the most.


25th place Tempest Lao
since cyrax isn't in the game i must continue supporting him by pledging my soul to the lin kuei!!!!


Shaolin & Wu-Tang
Shaolin Shadowboxing and the Wu-Tang Sword Style!