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The MK movie better not take the Dark Universe direction...But I fear it might


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I understand they want to build a movie universe ala Marvel but here's what Im worried about, they try to shove in way too many things for a first movie.
The MK movie needs to be contained, with smaller stakes, while focusing on a select few, if not just one, character. The tournament shouldnt be part of it, it should be the end result of the first phase (like Avengers infinity war).
The first few movies need to introduce characters that, for the majority of the audience, are unknowns. Here's a chance to flush out those characters, give them more development, allow people to connect with them more than just "Sonya is in special forces and likes Johnny Cage, who is an actor". Giving a full movie dedicated to a few lets people see them change from regular people to those who can defend earth realm by the end. Characters need to have an arc, they need to be three dimensional, they need to grow.

If they instead mash a bunch of characters, just for fan service, without developing anything, I fear the MK universe will go the way the Dark universe did.

Art Lean

To be serious though, I’m sure they will have studied MKA’s failures quite seriously in making this movie, regardless of how good it ultimately ends up being on its own merits.

The fact that they have Mileena but not Kitana already shows there’s some restraint and deliberate decision making in the roster rather than just throwing in every character they can.

Again, how effective the character roster they’re using actually is, well that still remains to be seen but considering many from the test screenings have compared it to a mix of Legacy and Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge will likely mean they’re not going crazy but are throwing in a few quirky character choices to make it interesting and not just a remake of ‘95.


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In a way MK Special Forces could be redeemed in movie form...

Maybe as an over the top action/martial arts movie starring both Jax and Sonya, kicking Kano's ass and introducing those wacky characters: Tremor, No Face, Jarek, etc.

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I hope this Art Lean character does nothing but Bionic Bounces the entire movie.