The Living Comprehensive Stage Meta List-The Best Stage For Each Character

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by RM Truth, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. RM Truth

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    I was inspired to write this by 1truking's Grundy state discussion guide. I don't think it would be a bad idea to list this out as a resource for other players that decide to start playing characters competitively. Please reply with the character, the stage, and why you think it's good for them, and if it's a solid argument, I'll post it in the OP. I'll get this started.

    P.S. I'm pretty sure no one's done this yet, but like always, feel free to let a mod know if it has been.

    Bane-Stryker's Island Cell;a large amount of throwing interactables RYX
    Stryker's Island;same reasoning Doombawkz
    Batcave Lagoon;can make good use of the wires for even more damage Doombawkz

    Batgirl-Metropolis Street;car bomb deathloop on the left and car bomb resets on the right ApocaLips
    Hall of Justice;roomba allows for guaranteed teleports into vortex RiBBz22
    Ferris Aircraft Hanger;Stage interactables force opponent to jump which can be punished with smoke bomb into vortex. Turbine leads to free vortex on hit. RiBBz22

    Batman-Gotham Streets;dumpster
    Batcave Lab;batmobile missles give great high damage resets vreinaldo30

    Black Adam-Ferris Aircraft Hangar;turbine
    Arkham Asylum;great power character interactables AK Smarrgasm
    Atlantis;good interactables that BA can incorporate into his zoning Qwark28

    Cyborg-Luthor's Lab;Can rack up nice otg damage and get great Target Aquired Setups with the ceiling light interactable KIllaByte

    Deathstroke-Watchtower;drones on left side make getting in trouble Vagrant
    Atlantis-no transitions means Deathstroke can sit in the corner with no problem, bomb interactable gets good damage, and water spout is a good last resort karaokelove

    Doomsday-Fortress of Solitude;ship interactable allows for Doomsday to get some high damage combos Metzos
    Metropolis Rooftop;drones allow for greater midscreen corner carry, potential corner placement of drones makes his corner game even more difficult to deal with SonicBoomBrad

    Green Arrow-Fortress of Solitude Lab;Laser allows for high damaging combos off of any of his strings, background bounces allow for good damage SupremeBAM 7L

    Harley Quinn-Wayne Manor Great Room;corner bombs allow for great mixups into high damage, chandelier makes getting in on keepaway characters slightly easier, piano, if the combo is spaced properly, allows for a free 20% otg KIllaByte

    Joker-Fortress of Solitude Lab;multiple background bounces for easy teeth setupsQwark28

    Killer Frost-Batcave Crime Lab;more for not having interactables that can be abused against her ApocaLips
    Atlantis;not threatened by interactables at all, has great mobility with air dash combined with pole and can turtle for awhile due to respawning water spouts in the corner RiBBz22

    Lex Luthor-Arkham Asylum Mess Hall;one of the best characters for taking advantage of the pig due to trait rev0lver

    Lobo-Fortress of Solitude Lab;big damage off of laser interactable Jaku2011

    Nightwing-Wayne Manor Courtyard;background bounce, car bomb on left, and corner escape on right,and an overall good counterpick for power charactersTakeAChance
    Gotham Alley;makes good use of dumpster in staff form Sajam

    Raven-Hall of Justice;unblockable robot setups for big damage in Demon Stance Blind_Man

    Scorpion-Metropolis Rooftops;good use of drones and can teleport to punish others using them ApocaLips
    Themescarya Temple;same reasoning but for lion head
    Arkham Asylum Mess Hall;same reasons for pig and masks Jaku2011
    Hall of Justice;roomba setups 1man3letters
    Batcave Crime Lab;makes good use of rocket and barrel interactables 1man3letters

    Shazam-Insurgency;EX Torpedo gets easy interactable setups due to placement of them Mikemetroid
    Joker's Asylum;freeze tube gives free trait activation into grab reset;flower is very good for his 50/50 game Heroic_Legacy
    Fortress of Solitude;laser allows free trait into combo Heroic_Legacy

    Sinestro-Fortress of Solitude;laser allows for certain strings to combo when they shouldn't and gets good shackle setups KRYS9984
    Ferris Aircraft Hanger;able to camp turbine making his zoning game even more dangerous KRYS9984

    Solomon Grundy
    Stryker's Island;great use of interactables off of HKD setups, interactable uses stay grounded which means they can be punished by swamp hands anywhere, very long stage so able to maintain life lead easier with defense buff Mikemetroid

    Superman-Wayne Manor Courtyard;able to jail people in the corner to keep them from jumping out with car interactable; multiple interactables to give great meterless damage with trait xQUANTUMx

    Wonder Woman-Atlantis;background bounce leads to good stance switch combos and corner water gets 60 to 70% resets A F0xy Grampa

    Zod-Shipyard;barrels allow for death combos by looping them with trait AK Pig Of The Hut
  2. Blind_Ducky

    Blind_Ducky Princess of the Sisterhood

    Raven- hall of justice, unblockable set ups with the robot.
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  3. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

    Interactable soul crush traps sound dirty.
  4. Blind_Ducky

    Blind_Ducky Princess of the Sisterhood

    That but if I'm in demon stance I can pillar you for a 50% ish combo from anywhere on the screen.
  5. ApocaLips

    ApocaLips Noob

    KF is batcave crime lab. It's the only stage that lacks useful interactables for power characters, and she can punish other people using them.

    Batgirl is probably Metropolis street - death loop with car bombs in the left corner, unblockable high damage reset with car bombs in the right corner. Can punish power characters throwing cars. There might be others that are great for her though, she generally does well with them.

    I like Scorpion on Watchtower because he can use the flying robots well and can punish other characters using them for full combo. There's probably a lot of room for debate as to whether it's the best though.
  6. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

  7. Vagrant

    Vagrant Spears and tiers.

    If DS gets watchtower right side.... It gets pretty ugly for most of the cast vs him.
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  8. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

  9. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

    With the computer monitor?
  10. Vagrant

    Vagrant Spears and tiers.

    No I'm saying because those floating drones all spawn from that right side. His ability to keep people out gets even better. And it becomes yet another thing approaching opponents have to plan for.
  11. Mr Aquaman

    Mr Aquaman Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Mr Aquaman
    This may take awhile for ares ;]
  12. RYX

    RYX I will downplay anything for 5 dollars

    Bane on Stryker's Island (Cell) throw shit all over the place

    DS on Watchtower, Ferris, or Hall of Justice (outside) is pretty nasty as well
  13. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

  14. Smarrgasm

    Smarrgasm What's a Smarrgasm?
    Premium Supporter

    BYS Smarr
    Might be a personal thing but i think Asylum is Adam's best stage. Too many good power interactibles and things to be used. Metropolis (any part) is good. Ferris vs people that cant deal with the corner stuff is extremely good. Watchtower is stupid good. Strykers Yard.

    But IMO he benefits most from Asylum.
  15. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    I believe this is the best one

    Joker's best stage is either Solitude lab because it has 2-3 background bounces for easy resets, I do believe the laser can be tech rolled though.
  16. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

  17. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
    Premium Supporter

    IMO WoWo is best on Atlantis, wall bounce in the middle, makes sword stance work almost anywhere on the screen. Water in the corners makes for at least 60% and 70% on a crossover meterless.
  18. TakeAChance

    TakeAChance TYM White Knight

    I like wayne manor for nightwing. Wall bounce in the center, car bomb loops on the left side, corner escape on the right.
  19. RM Truth

    RM Truth Unintentional Tier Whore Follow me @TruthRM

    I'll add it in, but is there anything that Nightwing particularly excels at on this stage? That seems like something that a lot of gadget characters can take advantage of.
  20. TakeAChance

    TakeAChance TYM White Knight

    Well, the reason I like it is aside from 2 throwable interactables, it's a crappy stage for power characters. (Car aside)
  21. karaokelove

    karaokelove Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    As a Deathstroke main, I'd have to say my favorite stage is Atlantis. Deathstroke doesn't incorporate b3's into any of his bnb's, so the lack of transitions is a big defensive bonus, since he can just chill in the corner and force his opponent to come in. Once they get close enough he can repeatedly MB water stream them back to full screen. He can also score decent damage off of bombing the globe and stone slab.
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  22. Green Arrow I think its fortress of solitude laboratory he can do so much damage with the laser in the corner, and he start a combo with it off of a fire arrow. Also on the other side he can bounce opponents off doomsday for some good damage combos.
  23. Jaku2011

    Jaku2011 Filled with determination

    Can't believe you didn't put mess hall for scorpion that stage is HIS.

    Lobo I'd say is fortress of solitude the laser is pretty big for him allowing meterless combos off anti air 3 and b12.

    I agree on the Bane one but I'd say Arkham Asylum is better if you're fighting gadget characters

    Cyborg I'd probably say watchtower is his best
  24. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    scorpion -
    hall of justice - roomba.
    batcave - rockets and barrel
  25. Sajam

    Sajam Nightwing In Retirement

    For NW against power characters: Alley. His control over the corner and dumpster with staff is absolutely ridiculous.

    For non power characters with NW: Wayne Manor Courtyard. Not really anything there that can threaten him. NW has terrible control over a lot of interactables, so a stage without an abundance of them is good for him.
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