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The K&M Stream is Back with Some TMNT FT10s TONIGHT!


Confused Thanagarian

They are back! PND Ketchup and PND Mustard have taken a bit of a break from their weekly Injustice 2 streams, but that all changes TONIGHT! Starting at 8GMT (3EST for you guys on the other side of the Atlantic) they will be hosting a series of FT10s using nothing but the TMNT.

No word in the tweet sent out by Ketchup as to who will be playing tonight, but you can guarantee there will be some high level players showing up tonight (this afternoon). Guys like OmegaK, Dizzy TTT and HappyPow have been known to make appearances, so it'll be a good show. You can check that out over here on Twitch in about an hour. Get some pizza, get your skateboard, and make sure you GET HYPE!