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The Joker Gameplay Trailer


Skarlet deserved that skin more. She would have been perfect Catwoman cosplayer.
Enchantress would fit more to Skarlet, I think. I know both Skarlet and Catwoman have whip attack, but Catwoman not dark/bad enough maybe for me : p
It does look a little weird after the Fatal Blow leaves the opponent on the ground at about 1:50, who then pushes themselves back up into a standing daze so that Joker can perform a Finisher. I mean it always looks weird, but for some reason especially in this video.
WTF was that? -> is exactly what I wanted for my first reaction of Joker trailer lol. Just some random stuff that doesn't make sense but it works because it's Joker. I love it. Love the fatal blow too although I don't really understand the start up yet and he has his parry back. Can't wait.
I swear DLC (Kombat Pack) skins so far have been really weird. Multiple repeating characters one after another. A lot of characters being completely left out... doesn't make any sense.
Yeah i found it especially funny after kitana and baraka get some love in a skin pack they're like OH WAIT WAIT geras is included too smfh lmao
And some people were so certain that he'd just play like he did in Injustice.

I could understand thinking that way if NRS had just mostly reused assets from MKX, but any character that was playable there doesn't play like the same in MK11. So I don't understand how some people came to the conclusion that Joker would just be a copy/paste from Injustice.