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The Importance of MLG Anaheim.


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I'm no poster boy for NRS but I feel like people need to understand this.

I work as an analyst. I analyze everything, so the importance of this tourney is easy for me to see and many others, I am sure...but I see people saying "I don't care who wins or loses".

Well here is my analysis, it may be over-exaggerated or whatever, fuck you, I do what I want.


We are all aware that eSports is a constantly growing brand of entertainment. That theory is proven with the high number of viewers for EVO 2013 for all games, Call of Duty going to be shown on live television with the cross up with X Games, and the fact China is creating the world's first stadium made for eSports.

With the rapidly growing community and fan base, you see people watching, not only Call of Duty or DOTA2, but really any other game just to see the hype around it. Or hell, maybe someone just likes the idea of Killer Instinct being back or DC Characters beating the shit out of each other so they want to watch at the highest level. Doesn't matter, what matters is this: we have a chance to really show MLG what we can do as a community. MLG is the most known competitive gaming organization in the world, and if we tune in, even for the sake of numbers, we are showing MLG "Hey, we support our game, we support your business...if you keep throwing us in the mix, you'll only get bigger."

We have a chance to increase FGC relevancy based on how we approach this thing and people are saying "It doesn't really matter", the hell it doesn't.

I know, I know...you can't peel your eyes off the screen because you're watching videos of MKX, but think of how hype it would be seeing MKX as a constant fixture at MLG??

The ball is in our court, what do you plan to do with it?

For the sake of Injustice, for the sake of MKX, NRS, hell...ALL OF FGC, let's get those viewer numbers high. Let's put on a show for MLG. The viewers there be as loud as you can be, the viewers at home...chat so much that it crashes the chat. Do anything you can because we have a chance to change the future for NRS. Lord knows they deserve the best for all they've helped us with and brought us together.

MK9 at MLG was kind of a train wreck.
Let's make NRS an unstoppable force at Anaheim!!!


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Its common sense that Fighting games are competitive b/c is fighting in the first place. Plus...Battlefield >COD