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The History of Sonicfox by Shujinkydink


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Sonic is probably the all-time NRS GOAT but similar to Tom Brady v Eli Manning he has lost the 2 big ones this year. Sonic won pretty much every tournament he entered EXCEPT E-League and EVO. In that sense Dragon is the top player of 2017.
Dragon won the 2 biggest tournaments.

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Ahahahaha @JBeezYBabY got regulated! @Eldriken confirmed best mod ever.

On topic: Sonic Fox is like the Demetrious Johnson of the fgc. Some wanna call him the GOAT based on all that he’s achieved and others argue that he hasn’t faced quite the same level of competition as some of the others.

Until he does win an SFV major (maybe after AE drops?) people will just always be able to include that little asterisk next to his name though.