The History of Mortal Kombat, Chapter 3: The Fall of Shinnok

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    When the realms were formed, the Elder Gods agreed that they would not interfere in the affairs of the realms and of mortals. For aeons, the realms existed with the Elder Gods seemingly indifferent to their existence. Eventually, however, one Elder God began to take increasing interest in the realms: in particular, he found himself desirous of ruling Earthrealm. This was the Elder God Shinnok.

    Shinnok desired not the abstract overlordship of the Elder Gods, but the direct rule of Earthrealm, perhaps akin to the reign of Shao Kahn over Outworld. It is unknown what Shinnok’s ultimate goal was: it seems unlikely such a figure would have contented himself with the rule of one realm, and it could be that Shinnok’s long-term plan was to establish himself as the sole Elder God, ruling over all existence.

    Shinnok thus began to scheme. He was aware of the prophecy of the Armageddon and the steps Argus and Delia had undertaken in their scheme. Becoming aware of the enslavement of Blaze by Onaga’s priests and thus knowing that Blaze could not signal the awakening of Taven and Daegon until released from this bondage, Shinnok tricked the Red Dragon Caro into awakening Daegon.

    Credit to Mihai Radu

    Daegon trusted in Shinnok and Shinnok took advantage of this trust to manipulate the young demi-god. He informed him of the quest but deceived him by telling him that his parents had intended for Taven to succeed by killing Daegon. This drove Daegon into a fury, as Shinnok had desired, for Daegon had always harboured a degree of resentment towards his elder brother. Shinnok instructed Daegon in arcane methods of slaying a God and Daegon, wearing the armour he had been left by his parents and wielding both longswords, slew his parents. Shortly before his death, Argus had conceived an illegitimate child with an Edenian woman: in time, this child would grow to become Rain.

    After this act of parricide, Daegon and Caro disappear into the mists of time, though it is worth noting that as long as human civilization has existed on Earthrealm, the Red Dragon Clan has wielded enormous influence. In truth, Daegon founded the Red Dragon for the purpose of seeking out and slaying Taven to enable Daegon to kill Blaze unopposed and claim the prize for himself, enslaving Caro to eternally transport him and his followers across the realms. The Red Dragon would grow to spread out across all of Earthrealm, becoming one of the most powerful organizations across the entirety of the realms.


    With Argus and Delia dead, Edenia was left without a Protector God. With one of the great realms thus weakened, Shao Kahn began his machinations. It is unknown if Daegon’s murders preceded the beginning of the Mortal Kombat tournaments between Edenia and Outworld but what is known is that by the time Shao Kahn’s warriors were victorious and his invasion of Edenia began, there was no Protector God to help the ruler of Edenia, King Jerrod, either during the tournaments or during the invasion.

    Shao Kahn was victorious in his invasion, merging Edenia and Outworld and seizing Jerrod’s queen Sindel as his own and raising his infant daughter Kitana as Princess of Outworld. This represents the only successful merger of two of the greater realms in the history of the universe and Shao Kahn’s greatest achievement.

    Shinnok soon turned his malevolent gaze to Earthrealm. As an Elder God, he was not bound by the rules of Mortal Kombat and instead sought to supplant Raiden as Protector God of Earthrealm by force, whereupon he would institute a direct rule over the realm. Such was his power that he was able to hold the wrath of his fellow Elder Gods at bay during his invasion, though how is unknown. The war between Shinnok and the Protector God of Earthrealm, Lord Raiden lasted centuries and caused untold destruction on Earthrealm. The forces of Earthrealm persevered only thanks to the power they drew from their home realm, particularly it’s famed ‘jinsei’.


    Eventually, Raiden came to the realization that the source of Shinnok’s true power was tied to the sacred Amulet he had crafted, which amplified his power and allowed him to control the cardinal elements of Earthrealm: this explained why Shinnok had been able to effortlessly subdue Raiden’s fellow Gods, such as Lord Fujin, as the elements they embodied were under his control. Raiden risked all in a final gambit to separate Shinnok from the Amulet and succeeded, though not without great cost. So grievous was the harm wrought upon Earthrealm that its then dominant civilization, the Saurians, fled from the battle. It is unknown whether they happened upon an uninhabitated realm, whether they conquered another or were granted one by the Elder Gods as compensation, but it is known that the Saurians settled in Zaterra, where they would rule and thrive for millennia. Legends say that Raiden was forced by circumstance to destroy the majority of the Saurian civilization directly in order to achieve victory against Shinnok, but what is certain is that the Saurian civilization on Earthrealm was at its end.


    A species in its infancy at the time, human beings, quickly rose to fill the gap left by the Saurians and, nurtured by Raiden himself, rapidly advanced through thousands of years to become the most technologically advanced species in the universe. Such advancement seems unprecedented throughout the realms and, while it has cost Earthrealmers any real widespread proclivity for magic or for energy manipulation, it has allowed them to circumvent the necessity for magic with technology

    It is unknown over what time period this occurred: for instance, it is possible that Daegon slew his parents thousands of years before Shao Kahn launched his invasion. It is known, however, that Princess Kitana is approximately ten thousand years old, with Rain somewhat older (given how Edenians age, Rain may be thousands of years older than Kitana but appear roughly the same age as her). This represents, therefore, the first seemingly tangible date we have: Shao Kahn’s invasion of Edenia and the fall of Shinnok occurred approximately 8000BC.

    This means that the legends which equate the Great Floods of mankind’s infancy, found in mythology across the entirety of Earthrealm, with the war between Raiden and Shinnok would seem well-founded. Less well founded are legends which link the war with the extinction of the dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago. It is not impossible that a war between the Gods caused a cataclysmic event 65 million years ago that we are not aware of but, given our ability to age Princess Kitana back to her infancy in this time period, the fall of Shinnok does not date to 65 million years ago. It is likely that legends of the destruction wrought upon the Saurians have become confused with the mass extinction of the great reptiles that the Saurians may themselves have descended from.


    As for Shinnok himself, Raiden stripped him of his Amulet and, with the assistance of the Elder Gods, banished him to the Netherrealm. With the malevolent nature of that dread realm sapping his godly powers, Shinnok found himself beset by the demon king Lucifer and his hordes, who ruled the Netherrealm. With the souls of those he had slain resurrected in the Netherrealm and sent against him, Shinnok was again defeated and imprisoned. He spent thousands of years confined to the very darkest planes of the Netherrealm, his strength ebbed away but his hunger for revenge growing constantly.


    Raiden was left victorious, with his prestige greatly enhanced throughout the realms and among his fellow Gods and with his beloved Earthrealm free from threats for the time being. Raiden constructed the great Temple of the Elements in the highest mountains of Earthrealm, with the Amulet stored deep within. He instructed his four fellow Gods of Earthrealm to guard the Amulet and began the work of healing Earthrealm from the scars it had suffered from his war with Shinnok. So long as the Amulet remained in Earthrealm, Shinnok would never be able to attain his former power.

    Next week, we start moving the pieces into place for the beginning of our story in earnest, as Shao Kahn will expand his conquests even further and Shinnok will rise to power in the Netherrealm, transforming a prison into a kingdom!
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Charybdis, Jan 14, 2019.

    1. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Are you creating this based on the pieces that exist of the lore? Those are good.

      Also, It has been stated that One Being has been corrupting indivuduals to follow his will, its said that Shinnok's and Shao Kahn's were both influenced by his slim presence of uniting realms so that he can exist.

      I wonder if we will ever see One being, at some point in life since it seems that his true return means the end of all realms.
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    2. Onilordasmodeus
      @Charybdis Where was it stated that Shinnok woke up Daegon? Sure Shinnok had Daegon under his influence, but everything I've read / seen says that Caro woke him up after loosing connection with Blaze.

      Shinnok somehow knew / learned of Argus' plot to save the realms, and began manipulating it to serve his own ends at some point. It is even plausible that Shinnok was the one who sicced Daegon on Argus and Delia, but I feel there is a lot of creative license being taken here as none of that was spelled out.
      • Onaga's priests abducted Blaze to guard the last dragon egg.
      • Caro lost "mental" connection with Blaze and mistakenly awakens Daegon.
      • Caro instructs Daegon of the quest and sends him on his way (as this is what Orin did for Taven).
      • Daegon learns of the quest presumably from an obelisk (but it could have been from his parents too, hell this could have been when Shinnok "corrupted him").
      • Daegon gets SUPER pissed and slays his parents.
      As a former Elder god, Shinnok most likely was consulted, along with the other EGs, by Argus about the plan to create a Quest. It is entirely possible that Shinnok knew all about everything, and was monitoring Orin and Caro, as well as Blaze, all along. But Shinnok had always had his own plans to take power. Multiple schemes he continuously works on.

      It is most likely (in my estimation) that after Shinnok fell from grace and rose to power in the Netherrealm, that this is when he saw the quest as a real means of ascension. At the same time though, he also had other plans in the works (e.g. regaining his Amulet, invading Edenia, etc.), so the quest was just one other (may be the final) mean of attack by Shinnok.

      Also, in your write up you've put the creation of the Red Dragon, and their spread across Earthrealm before Shinnok and Raiden's war. It would seem that the Red Dragon didn't spread to / in Earthrealm until after Earth recovered from that war, and humanity was a major thing. I think that is further evidence that the Red Dragon wasn't created until after Shinnok's fall, unless they were headquartered in some other realm before Earthrealm.

      So yeah, my take on the chain of events that from the Quests' inception to its corruption:
      1. Shao Kahn kills Onaga to take Outworld, then declares war on Edenia
      2. Delia receives a vision of Armageddon
      3. Argus consults Shinnok, along with the other EGs, on what to do about Delia visions
      4. Argus and Delia create the Quest and hide the brothers in Earthrealm
      5. Shinnok falls from grace after invading Earthrealm (Hmmm...)
      6. Shinnok raises to power in the Netherrealm
      7. The Dragon Priests abduct Blaze
      8. Caro awakens Daegon
      9. Daegon sets on the quest and learns what it is all about.
      10. Daegon kills Argus and Delia
      11. Shinnok corrupts the Quest (most likely by luring Daegon to the Netherrealm)
      12. Shao Kahn takes Edenia, then sets his sights on Earthrealm
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    3. mattteo
      @Onilordasmodeus Just one problem with what you wrote above: " It is entirely possible that Shinnok knew all about everything, and was monitoring Orin and Caro, as well as Blaze, all along.".

      Shinnok DID NOT know Taven's burrial location. Argus and Delia may have consulted with the Elder Gods and even received their power to create Balze, but they kept hidden from the Elder Gods the places where the brothers were burried. Did they suspect treachery among their ranks? Possible.

      If Shinnok had know Taven's location, he would have found him in these 10.000 years. Quan Chi only finds Taven's location and kills Orin in the original timeline after Orin begins to teleport Taven around.
    4. mattteo
      @Charybdis Great timeline, as always. A couple of things I have that kind of bother me:

      1. Shinnok and Raiden fighting for "centuries". I think they blietzkrieg torched the planet in a matter of day, fighting for centuries just seems like an exaggeration. Does this description come from MK4? I think it is only that it "plunged the planet into centuries of darkness". I can't imagine Raiden and Shinnok duelling for 200 year. I think it was a War like the one we saw in MKX.

      2. As I said in the previous post, I was wondering how you'll approach Kitana's age. Saying she was an infant doesn't seem right to me and it's not in the canon. Her age was never given, but like I said, in the original creator's vision (Tobias and Boon) and in the Shaolin Monks game she was old enough to remember her father. That's the closest thing we have to canon.

      3. Saying Rain could even be thousands of years older than Kitana? He is shown as a child being left an orphan when Kahn's invasion began and became a YOUNG warrior by the time it ended, furious that he is not given a leading position in the Edenian Resistance. As Edenians grow normally until adulthood and only then stop their aging, I think it wasn't more than 10-15 years between the 2 events.

      Rain and Kitana are basically the same age, maybe Rain with a few Earthrealm years plus (but it doesn't make a difference when you could say they both are 10.000-ish). All signs point to Daegon being young and reckless too and around the same age as he killed his father during the War with Shao Kahn (Armageddon konquest oppening, the War which orphaned Rain and came to a close about 10 years later). Jade is around the same age too, as she is a "childhood friend" of Kitana. Taven could be a little older (even by mllennia) and about Tanya we don't know.
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    5. Onilordasmodeus
      Very true! So yeah, that should be even more evidence that Shinnok couldn't have woken up Daegon, and that though he new / learned about Armageddon, at least part of the quest was always out of his control. This fact right here is why I don't think Shinnok would be ok staking his future on this plan...unless he was forced to.

    6. MKF30
      Raiden and Shinnok have actually been at it for eons, as Shinnok and Raiden confirmed in MK X(towards the end) lol. Each time they faced off, lots of people die.
    7. mattteo
      Eons is a generic term. In the MK universe "eons" is synonim for millennia, which is thousands of years, not millions.

      Shinnok and Raiden may have been at odds for eons, but not all has been a continuous battle.

      Point was that the battle that plunged the planet into centuries of darkness didn't last centuries itself. I really can't see Raiden and Shinnok throwing fists at each other for 100 years. I'm aleardy 40 and if I had faught a fight with my biggest enemy, we'd have eventually stopped and cracked a joke after 3 hours. Can't understand why people think their continuous battle lasted years, nowhere does it say that.
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