The History of Mortal Kombat, Chapter 1: Genesis

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    For untold eons, before the very beginning of time, there existed only the Elder Gods and the One Being. We do not know their names, as even the Gods themselves do not address the Elder Gods by name (save the fallen Elder God Shinnok), and few now speak of the One Being at all. Nor do we know from whence these beings came but we do know that the One Being sustained himself by slowly draining the lifeforce of the Elder Gods, which caused the Elder Gods to cease warring against one another and battle their common foe.

    Eventually, the Elder Gods succeeded in defeating the One Being, thanks to powerful weapons they had forged called the ‘Kamidogu’. Using these weapons, the Elder Gods cut the One Being into many pieces, which became the realms we inhabit. The six largest pieces became the primary realms of the universe: Earthrealm, the Netherrealm, Outworld, Edenia, Seido and the Chaosrealm. Each of these realms hides the Kamidogu which caused the One Being to split into that realm itself.

    Numerous other realms were forged in this process, with the most notable in our sources being Osh-Tekk, Zaterra and Vaeternus, home to the vampiric Moroi species. Legends tell of other realms such as the Dreamrealm and Crystal Realm but such sources are vague.

    It is said that a being who possesses all six Kamidogu would become nigh-unstoppable, so long as they possessed some sorcerous power enabling them to bind the six together. No being, however, has ever demonstrated sufficient power: it is likely one would need to wield the power of an Elder God to do so. It is also said that, should this happen, the One Being would in fact return to life and consciousness.


    Some legends tell us that the consciousness of the One Being survived, that he has but slumbered since his defeat and that all of what we know of as existence is merely his dreams. Others tell us that the One Being remains conscious and actively seeks to return to power, destroying the realms in the process, to destroy the Elder Gods. Some even whisper that he influences some of the most powerful beings to inadvertently bring this about, such as the Dragon King, Onaga and his usurper, Emperor Shao Kahn.

    With the defeat of the One Being, the Elder Gods saw that life would take form in the realms. They vowed to never interfere in the affairs of mortals where they themselves were not threatened or unless their commandments were directly and knowingly violated, yet they recognised that some governance and order was necessary lest the realms devolve into lawless anarchy.

    To achieve this, the Elder Gods formed the Gods of the Realms from the matter which composes each realm. Our information on the Gods of other Realms is scarce, but we know that the Five Gods of Earthrealm are composed of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Lightning. The Wind God, most commonly known as Lord Fujin, and the God of Lightning and Thunder, most commonly known as Lord Raiden, have had the most contact with mortals through their adherents in the Far East. Lord Raiden is noted for his proclivity for mortals, forming friendships and paternal bonds with many throughout his innumerable millennia in his office as the Protector God of Earthrealm.

    His counterpart in Outworld was Shao Kahn, though we have no knowledge of his name before he assumed rulership of Outworld himself and took the imperial title ‘Kahn’. Outworld as a realm is notoriously rife with warfare and combat and it has been observed that Shao Kahn grows in strength from being near combat. It has thus been hypothesised that Shao Kahn was the God of War before renouncing his godhood to seize control of Outworld directly. This would also provide some reasoning behind his ceaseless thirst for conquest and the power he seemingly draws from battle itself.


    Other Outworld Gods are referenced but not named in our sources: it is possible these minor deities were either killed (Gods can be killed, though only through highly arcane and powerful means, although Elder Gods are truly immortal unless one destroys all of existence itself) and absorbed by Shao Kahn or now serve as chief acolytes in his worship.

    The only other God we definitively know of is Lord Argus, protector of Edenia, though we have no knowledge of what Lord Argus was once the God of. Legends do tell of other Gods, such as Zaggot, God of Chaos and Chaosrealm and Abacus the Lord of Order but none can attest to their existence first hand.

    The Elder Gods implemented one further device to impose order on the realms. To prevent constant and eternal warfare between the realms, they devised the sacred tournament known as ‘Mortal Kombat’. It is not known when this was devised or when the first was held, but its rules may not be violated by any being within the realms or under the power of the Elder Gods

    Furthermore, it is unknown whether or not the rite of Mortal Kombat is de rigeur for any invasion or whether it must be declared by the target realm (similar to a trial by combat), or whether or not Mortal Kombat exists only between the primary realms, with the lesser realms bereft of such protection.


    The sacred rules of Mortal Kombat are as follows.

    · Should a realm wish to invade another, it’s greatest fighters must defeat the fighters of the target realm for ten generations straight in a tournament of martial arts, traditionally fought to the death. Although a fatality is not strictly necessary, the life of a defeated fighter is forfeit to the will of the victor.

    · What constitutes a generation is unclear, particularly as it relates to the lifespan of certain beings (Edenians being so long-lived as to appear almost immortal to Earthrealmers), but the most famous series of Mortal Kombat tournaments, fought between Outworld and Earthrealm, featured a tournament every 50 years.

    · The reigning champion from the previous tournament will be preserved in eternal youth by the Elder Gods for the purpose of defending their realm. They may be the only warrior representing their realm in subsequent tournaments: in such cases, the warriors from the other realm will combat each other for the right to face the champion.

    · Should the target realm prove victorious even once, it will disrupt the span of victories, and thus require the invading realm to begin their victory count from zero once more.

    · Once the ten victories have been secured, the barriers between the realms will be lowered and the invasion can begin. The invasion could still be fought off, however, as Mortal Kombat is no guarantee of success on a wider field.

    · Should the invasion be successful, however, the invading realm is free to merge the target realm with itself. The methodology of doing so remains unclear, though it is rumoured that Shao Kahn would capture the essence of a ream in an orb and hide this orb somewhere in his domains: were the orb to be shattered, the bonds binding the two realms together would also be severed. It could be that this ‘lifeforce’ is the ‘Jinsei’ of each realm, if each realm has it’s own ‘Jinsei’ and that phenomenon is not unique to Earthrealm.

    · During the invasion, the target realm is no longer under the jurisdiction of its Protector God and thus the Gods of that realm can offer no assistance in repelling the invasion.

    · Violation of the rules of Mortal Kombat, be it in the wider sense or in the rules of the tournament itself, is likely to invoke the wrath of the Elder Gods themselves.

    · The Gods of each realm may not interfere with the tournament directly, though they may mentor their warriors: it is, after all, ‘Mortal’ Kombat.

    Next week, we'll be covering the rise and fall of Onaga, the Dragon King, and the prophecy of Armageddon! Only here at TYM!
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Charybdis, Jan 3, 2019.

    1. JBeezYBabY
      Uncle JBeezY cant stop looking at those NIPS!:eek:
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    2. NothingPersonal
      Good. Only thing is the Mortal Kombat tournament is held once in 500 years, not 50. Also, winning the tournament gives right for the victor to merge, invasion can begin at any time, but without merging (this is told in the MK9 story). Also I'd begin counting the timeline from the victory of The Great Kung Lao, which was 500 years before MK1.
      EDIT: unless I'm wrong, and MK1 is the 10th tournament Outworld would win to have the right to merge with Earthrealm, thus making it indeed 50 years between any new tournament (since a realm has to win 10 times in a row to merge with the loser).
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    3. NickDaGreek1983
      Thank you for this @Charybdis !
      The 12year old greek geek inside me woke up and got pumped.
      I read every word you put down, learned some minor details that I've missed between the Deception/Armageddon era of the franchise and I'm anxious for the next chapter.
      Take care!
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    4. xXRagingFlameXx
      Holy moly! I love the Mortal Kombat lore so much I can't even begin to explain it. I can't even tell you how many times I've read up on it and how many hours I've put into studying it all because it's just that entertaining to me. The lore of Mortal Kombat always is the priority for me, where I feel a lot of people are in it strictly just for the gameplay, the story holds a lot of weight for me as well.

      I can't wait for the next chapter of this!
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    5. HeavyNorse
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    6. Charybdis
      Once every generation, so roughly once every 50 years. MK1 is indeed the decisive tournament in that regard. We'll get to the Great Kung Lao in due time but there's a lot that happens before him. You need to win ten in a row: otherwise, once Goro beat the Great Kung Lao, Kahn could've just invaded then and there.
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    7. NothingPersonal
      You're wrong here. For one realm to be free to merge with another it has to win 10 mortal kombat tournaments in a row. You're right that if whatever streak is broken until the tenth win, the count starts all over. So after Goro killed The Great Kung Lao, he was undefeatable until Liu Kang in MK1, which was supposed to be the 10th tournament Outworld would've won (hence the 500 years after The Great Lao's defeat), which makes it 50 years (a full generation) for the realms to prepare for the next tournament. Also, in MK9 Shao Kahn cconfirms this by saying he'd have to wait another 500 years to be able to merge the realms after Shang's defeat. Invasion is not a problem, by the elder gods standards (again from MK9 story), but the right to merge is what the tournament is for.
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    8. Charybdis
      .....that's exactly what I'm saying....?
    9. NothingPersonal
      It's every 50 years, not every 10 years.
    10. Charybdis

      I'm quoting the article here

      There was a typo in a comment later, as I made it while making dinner, but I've always maintained the tournament occurs every 50 years.
    11. NothingPersonal
      You go make dinner, I'll be watching your typos :DOGE
    12. MKF30
      Nice write up, just want to add a few things. The Gods of the realms(this case Earthrealm like Fujin, Raiden etc) can fight to protect Earthrealm IF there's invasion a la MK 3 into MK 4 arc as we've seen Raiden do when he killed Motaro and K.O.ed Mileena. It's no longer Mortal Kombat. And the other thing I wanted to mention was in Mortal Kombat, a God(let's say Raiden) can compete IF directly challenged as he states in MK 9, he can't enter but IF he's challenged directly he can fight but given as how Outworld knows he's pretty OP, he's never challenged lol and thus is limited to a mere mentor, trainer and protector if need be.
    13. Onilordasmodeus
      @Charybdis Thumbs up dude! Great write up! I really enjoyed reading it all.

      Here is my feedback...*Fixes glasses*

      • The term used in game and in the guides is "shattered" not "cut". It's not a big thing, but to me the terms imply different things. "Shattered" to me is more like a "big bang", where as "cut" seems to imply some more purposeful meaning behind the EG's actions. The EGs "created" the realms at a byproduct of "defeating" the OB. It wasn't their intention to become stewards of the cosmos, it happened only because they couldn't kill the OB outright, and because now they don't want it to return to it's true form.
      • The line "The six largest pieces" implies something in the lore that never was. The only thing "special" about those six realms is that they have Kamidogu associated with them. All the other realms are just as important / powerful, it's just that our story revolves around a few.
      • You didn't mention the fact that the EGs brought sorcerers together to create all the portals throughout the realms. We still don't know why they did this, but it was the EGs that knit the realms together. Just a fun fact at this point I guess.
      • The OB is split between all realms and all the beings within them. All things are a part of the OB save for the EGs. This is why the EGs don't want to get involved with the realms / mortals. They don't want to unwittingly help the OB, or unintentionally be influenced/corrupted, by the OB.
      • It is possible that the Kamidogu could have been corrupted by the OB, but there is nothing out there that states that.
      • I just wanted to point out that this is some great insight here. I've heard this theory before, but it's been a pretty long time. Regardless, I like it, as it would explain a lot about Kahn's character, and would put into context what time of "Advisor" he was to Onaga back in the day.
      • Another thing to think about to is that Kahn may not have given up his "god-hood" at all, hence why he wants to merge realms.
        • If Kahn was/is still a god, as the realms merge, his jurisdiction / influence / power would grow. People always point to the fact that Kahn absorbs people's souls (billions), but they seemingly discount the fact that he is the one who merges worlds, manipulating the energies of entire planets (the Jinsei as of MKX).
        • Also, Kahn never enters another realm, possibly for fear of being vulnerable; i.e. Raiden being vulnerable in Outworld.
        • Also also, it was said that Shang was cursed by "his gods", and we know that Kahn is the one who trained / gave Shang his power. It was sort of there out in the open the whole time.
      • You mentioned the OB as it relates to Kahn. It's worth mentioning the theory that as the realms become one, the OB's influence becomes greater, thus Kahn is becoming more of it's puppet with each Konquest.
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    14. TackyHaddock
      What role, if any, has Chaosrealm played in any of the MK games? Shouldn't it at least be a playable stage in MK11?
    15. Onilordasmodeus
      One more thing...

      Two more rules to add may be the "Mortal" part, and the "Kombat" part.
      • Mortal. It isn't that you have to be mortal to enter, but you give up your immortality to take part. If you are a god and you take part in the tournament, you essentially give up your divinity (for a time at least). If you are a spectre (Scorpion) you can "die" again; i.e. can be sent to the Netherrealm..
      • Kombat. You have to fight in "fair" kombat. There is no devising a plan to poison your competition in-between fights (this is a really fuzzy rule with all the happenings in MK9's story mode).
    16. HeavyNorse
      Well, in MK Deception, it was one of the realms Shujinko travelled to in order to collect the Kamidogu of the Chaosrealm. Havik is from that realm and is a Cleric of Chaos, trying to spread its influence on other realms - something the Seido Guard from the Orderrealm tries to prevent, amongst them Hotaru. Funny enough, though Havik and Hotaru are natural enemies, they have never really clashed, at least not directly. And as representants of their respective realms in the games, that just seems odd, imo.

      Havik returns in the MKX comics, but Chaosrealm as such doesn't play much of a factor.
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    17. Onilordasmodeus
      Chaosrealm was introduced in MKD, during Shujinko's adventure. It plays no part in the early story of MK, and was never mentioned in the background lore before the earth tournament. The most notable thing about CR is Havik, as he is THE Cleric of Chaos, sowing Chaos through various realms.
      • He is the main antagonist to Orderrealm, sowing anarchy there
      • He resurrects the Black Dragon in MKD to sow chaos in Earthrealm
      • He helps bring down Onaga in MKD, in hopes to bring Kahn back (to power) as he would sow more chaos than Onaga would.
      • In the MKX comic he devises a plan to summon Shinnok's Amulet and sow destruction.
      So yeah, the realm itself plays a small part, but it is its denizens that play a more major role.
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    18. TackyHaddock
      Damn, Havik seems metal AF
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    19. stokedAF
      I have never heard of the one being used in Mortal Kombat. It’s in everything else like marvel and such but I don’t remember that lol. It’s a great storyline don’t get me wrong, reading this makes me want this Mortal Kombat game again. But why would the elder gods devise a system in which it allows the one being to merge? When the entire point is to keep them separated and support the life on their respected elements. I get not messing in the affairs of mortals but the one being is not a mortal affair. I love the potential the one being has as the new final boss in this arc, desperate elder gods making super powerful characters.
    20. STB Sgt Reed
      STB Sgt Reed
      This shit is such a fun read! Thanks for the write up man!
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