The Future of Mortal Kombat

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Perfect Legend, Oct 31, 2012.

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    There's also still new players coming in. This game wont just live on, but it's potentially still growing.
    that being said saying we're going to get to street fighter numbers is a little over-optimistic.
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    I'll say this again. MK's popularity has nothing to do with the fans or the players. Somehow people seem to forget that there was a time when MK
    was the #1 fighting game in America. It dominated Street Fighter in every arcade in this country, and probably did so globally except in Asia. Mortal Kombat's strength as a tournament worthy 2d fighting game will be solely determined by its developers, as has always been the case. They hold the future of the game in their hands. If they continue to build on the game's 2d success then I might be inclined to agree with your statement, PL, but if they have not learned from what was the transition from UMK3 to MK4 then I have no hope for this franchise as a tournament worthy game--because it will never die as a game. The story alone is too strong for that to ever happen.

    That, in some ways, is a gift and a curse. Meaning, because the story is so strong, the game will always maintain a following which can move 1 million units, so there is less pressure to push the envelope with respect to depth. Conversely, because Street Fighter's story isn't as strong, they live and die on the strength of the game's strategic value and tournament viability. No one buys Street Fighter because they desperately care about the origins of Oro, or what fighting style Mel Masters will adopt when he grows up.
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    Perfect Legend is picking up UMK3? Good choice, the game is amazing. Everyone follow in PL's footsteps and pick up UMK3.
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    The SF community (2D fighting game scene in general to an extent, doesn't really apply here though) just sees what they want to see. Remember how painfully dead the entire FGC was before SF4 was released? Yeah, me neither.
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    True MK Player talk there PL.
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    Right on PL.
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    Good shit carl, good to hear someone who has been a fighting game pro for a while and knows this business. Good luck on future tournaments!
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    Great shit Carl

    Everyone who is quitting MK = Free or mains jade/sheeva

    Anyone who is saying MK is dead or dying = Free or mains Jade/Sheeva

    TTT2 WILL NOT be huge due to legacy curve

    You people need to wise up who think this and GTFO here with "oH dAWG wE bout to plays some TTT2 in this bitch, its #1 yo fuck mk " talk

    So dumb and ignorant
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    Nice PL.
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    As much as I love MK, it will not be as popular as SF any time soon. Too many high level fighting game players just don't like it for it to become that mainstream in the FGC.
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    I have a chance of leveling up to a mid level player? Yay!
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    Good post, thanks for blowing out my back bruh
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    x THTB x
    I'm hella free dude.
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    I told you PL is awesome :p
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    You're hella good dude but LBSH this game is FAR FAR FAR from dead
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    Stfu your Stryker's S tier.
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    While we all know you're joking, stryker's got some crazy gimmicks that can get people who dont know the matchup (Or just dont know about one gimmick or another).
  20. Man imagine that! MK a SF dominating fight games for all time
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    This is already a great game. If they just fix some of the problems in this game, it will be the best game out there imo.
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    Wait do you dislike TTT2? Or do you dislike all the shit talkers from the Tekken community that say MK is shit? I feel MK is the more fun game but TTT2 is great too.
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    You don't think ny Stryker is S tier? :(
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    I do.
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