The Dr. Fate Match Footage Thread

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  1. The Dr. Fate Match Footage Thread
    "Fate is not a game"


    Noticed that there wasn't a thread made on this forum (come on Fate forum y'all slacking!!!'), so I decided to make one. I plan to post the most relevant match footage I can find, and update. Feel free to post your own videos as well.
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  2. Dr. Fate vs. Blue Beetle

    Dr. Fate vs. Bane

    Dr. Fate vs. Flash

    Dr. Fate vs. Firestorm (from 2 months out since this was posted, only recent footage I got on Bdon)
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  3. Some of my recent Fate matches in ranked:

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  4. New footage of Honeybee (Dr. Fate) vs. BioHazard (Swampthing)
  5. ATP2014

    ATP2014 The best mediocre Batman

    Fate matches baby
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  6. SHIV123_

    SHIV123_ Grundy and Lex enthusiast

    There's a lot of Brainiac in this video but there's some pretty great Fate stuff in here too.
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  7. Footage of Tw33dy playing Dr. Fate:

    Dr. Fate(Tw33dy) vs. Black Manta(Rewind)

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