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The DLC Are Insane And I Love It.

KP2: Love It Or Nah?

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Lt. Boxy Angelman

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I could not have previously fathomed how addictive and insane the KP2 roster would be.

Even in the world of NRS based DLC madness we've come to expect...
this batch of characters, coupled with the major overall changes to the game's mechanics and the improvements in the netcode, have resulted in what I can only describe as THE most fun I have had playing MKX since it dropped, and it isn't even a fair contest.
Even at the height of my Tremor fever, it's felt like an uphill battle ever since the start. There was no pizazz, no extra cheese on the pizza, an intangible variable missing from the puzzle. It wasn't nearly as much fun as breaking into Injustice after MK9 was.

But now...holy shit.
It's like someone dumped a barrel of LSD into the MK water supply, because now the meta has become pure unadulterated chaos.

Not only have the normalizations and buffs across the board taken the former top tier down a peg and reshuffled the decks of the original roster (case and point, Jason goes up VS Tremor goes down, etc.), but we have seen introduced builds in these 4 characters the likes of which no fighting game can boast ever having produced.

Bo Rai Cho, for all his flatulence, is IMO as perfect an incarnation of the drunken master as Liu Kang is an incarnation of MK's interpretation of the old king fu movie warrior. They nailed it. And made him a delusional pain in the ass to boot.
Alien is an absolute nightmare. Tarkatan does a better job of being Baraka than Baraka ever did, Konjurer is unique as all hell, and someone needs to call the doctor about Acidic because this variation and its tick damage is seriously effed up.
Triborg is a monumental cybernetic rebirth. Sektor is an addiction in and of himself; Smoke, a perfectly blended mix of his human and robot incarnations past; and I find it ironic that as opposed to MK9, Cyrax is now the most technical to win with while Cyber Sub-Zero is completely psychotic by design.
And Leatherface...my friggin' heavens above and hells below, I have never experienced homicidal kombative satiafaction quite as visceral or on point as I have behind the motor of the chainsaw. if there were an MVP award to be designated for the most absurdly enjoyable character design in the game, Leatherface would win three times over.

Of course, you could make the case that it's a terrible look in the long run to have the new wave of DLC almost completely invalidate the roster simply on merit of accessibility and bloodshed alone.
but then again...maybe that's the point. maybe this is how NRS draws the line between casual and competitive simply to challenge the will and raise the passions of the competition, as if to say "okay, Takeda or Sub-Zero or Reptile or Mileena players, let's see what happens when the entire field is upheaved..." do you take the side of the new arrivals and mow the competition down, or do you stick to the guns you've already drawn and get even better at what you do?

All I know is...robots and leather make for a hell of a combination.
I welcome the changing of the guard, and accept that I am going to have to get way the hell better in order to stand a chance against the rest of the world now.


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You know, I actually agree, at least with all the reasons you've mentioned for liking them.

Remove the pseudo unblockables and this will be the best state MKX has been in. That's all I ask.

Oh and maybe fix Kobu / Mystic / Demolition and any of the other characters that were needlessly and mercilessly DESTROYED


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All the characters feel the most unique out of everyone else on the cast. They're all so fun. Though some BRC buffs and CBZ nerfs would be great.
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KP2 characters play a different game than the rest of the cast, but I really wish that the whole roster was as ridiculous and fun as KP2 instead of KP2 being normalized to fit MKX's paradigm.


Buff George
BRC buffs.
Dangerous territory there.

If anything, remove the inconsistent gap on Bart's B14 and maybe give him better recovery on Sumo Stomp so if he ever miraculously lands it from full screen, there's time to at least close some distance.

As for the topic, I'm 100% fine with the DLC as is. Even Summoner 2.0. Didn't anticipate KP2 breathing THIS much vitality back into the game. It's nice.

John Grizzly

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They absolutely knocked the KP2 out of the park. I'm enjoying all 4 characters (7, really, as all 4 Cyber Ninjas play completely differently).

I haven't touched SFV since these characters were released. I still can't even decide who I enjoy playing the most. They're honestly all insanely fun.

Sidenote: I had no interest in playing Smoke until I saw that player 2 alt color with the homage to MK3 Cyber Smoke. Fuck, is that beautiful.

Northern Slasher

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Yeah they're good. I just wish instead of Leatherface and Alien, they put in Rain and Fujin. I'm done with guest characters and the amount of demand there was for Fujin, i'm still shocked he didn't make it in.


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They're all great additions doesn't mean some sort of patch addressing them shouldn't happen.


I feel nothing too broke has been found yet.

I just think people are overreacting to it because it's new and they don't know how to block it yet.


Buff George
I feel nothing too broke has been found yet.

I just think people are overreacting to it because it's new and they don't know how to block it yet.
There are people on FB and Twitter asking for Bo nerfs of all people. It's quite ludicrous.

It's been ONE week guys, there's still a LOT to learn with all these new MUs.