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The Demand for a Living Guide

Would you buy a living guide for Injustice?

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Tom Brady created an amazingly helpful guide for mk9 called the living guide- which gave tournament level strategies and information for the whole cast. He has said if there is a large enough demand for one for Injustice, he would think about doing one. Those who have used the living guide will tell you how useful it is, and I use it as a reference to this day. Therefore I would certainly support a living guide for Injustice. Who else would be interested?

Also- Tom this is not to try to make you feel obligated to do anything, and if you decide not to it that is fine. Just want to show you how much support you could get.


The MK9 Living Guide is great. I'd buy an Injustice version without a second thought.

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I'm in. I'd love to pair a living guide with the Injustice guide from Prima I already have. What format would the guide be in?


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I have the living guide on my Kindle Fire and still use it sometimes even though it's been in a coma for some time. I ordered the Prima guide but I will buy an Injustice Living Guide that can be updated without a second thought. Tom did a great job with the MK9 one.


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Do it Tom and it's as good as bought and downloaded on my iPad

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Once again Tom placed top 2 at the last tournament he was at. He knows what he is doing. It would b foolish not to ask for such a great resource.


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The MK9 Living Guide is what got me into the game enough to start out IMMEDIATELY on Injustice. I'd buy the guide. Best resource in one spot


Any news on if where getting an injustice living guide? I'll put money on Hofstadter now if we're getting one