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"The Cave" in Fairfax, VA


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Greetings, fellow kombatants!

So I haven't posted on here in forever, mostly just been lurking, but I wanted to make everyone in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area aware of locals that are going on in Fairfax, VA. It takes place every Tuesday night, always good casual sets, and a tournament if enough people show up. It's always nice to see new blood out there, so don't be shy! The details are as follows:

The Cave Gaming Center
10621 Braddock Rd. Suite B
Fairfax, VA 22032

I believe the strip mall is called "University Center", the Cave is directly inside the doors in the middle of the mall. People start arriving around 6pm, tournament starts around 8 when they have one. Every Tuesday night is FGC night, so all manners of fighting games are played, but obviously the newest games have the most setups. You can bring your own setup if you'd like, but there are always plenty there. It's $5 venue fee, and $5 tournament entry.

The mall has several places to get food, including a Dominos pizza, a Giant supermarket, and a nice bar and grill right next to The Cave.

MK11 is big there right now, but there's plenty of Tekken 7, SF5, and Soul Caliber 6 as well. PM me if you have any questions, and we hope to see you there soon!